The missile test does not negate the North Korean commitments, President Trump

North Korea has been the 10th missile experience since May to until

North Korea has been the 10th missile experience since May to until

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North Korea has offered to resume nuclear talks with the United States. At the same time, however, North Korea also tested another missile on Tuesday, which shows that North Korea does not intend to end its efforts to pressure it. Within hours of offering to return to the negotiating table with US personnel, North Korea tested the missile, which is its 10th experience since May. The South Korean military says two missiles fired at 330km, another short-range missile test. North Korea’s missile experience is the 10th since MayPresident Trump will cautiously accept the offer to return to the North Korean negotiating table, analysts say. President Trump himself said that the offer was received some time ago. So they will evaluate the situation and make a decision. The talks were stalled when the second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended in February this year. Then in a June meeting, President Trump and Kim Jong Un agreed to resume talks at the general level. However, North Korean officials did not arrive for the meeting. And it is unclear whether either party has eased their stance.

Political analyst Jhon Park from Seoul’s capital Seoul says it’s not clearthat the outcome will come from this meeting because the kind of expectations that North Korea has with the United States is less than expected. President Trump has largely ignored the experience of short-range missiles. They say Kim Jong Un does not negate his promise to not test nuclear and long-range missiles.


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