The Islamic Development Bank considers lend $ 4bn for Pakistan, Proposed two options to bring back to Pakistanis money from abroad

The Islamic Development Bank will lend $ 4bn to convert Rs 4 billion to help Pakistan get out of financial problems

The Islamic Development Bank will lend $ 4bn to convert Rs 4 billion to help Pakistan get out of financial problems

Karachi, Islamabad … News time

The Islamic Development Bank will lend $ 4bn to convert Rs 4 billion to help Pakistan get out of financial problems. According to the British Times Financial Times report, the Islamic Development Bank has agreed to lend $ 4 billion to Pakistan, the Islamic bank is looking forward to the establishment of a new government in Pakistan, after which the payment method will be fixed. The Financial Times report further states that Saudi, Saudi Arabia relations are becoming stronger, and Saudi Arabia wants to get Pakistan out of economic crisis. According to media reports, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) federal government will face severe economic problems, for the immediate payment of foreign loans, $ 12 billion will be needed, and other options, including taking more loans, will be used to get this money. China has already provided a $ 1.2 billion loan to Pakistan as a bailout package, after which there was a decline in dollar value compared to Pakistani currency compared to the country.

On the other hand, the Pakistanis in the United Arab Emirates have more than $ 5 billion worth of assets and Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the securities of various countries in the world, it has been recommended to adopt two different options for potentially refunding money from Pakistani accounts worth $ 350 billion. Swiss banks have $ 200 billion, $ 100 billion in Britain and $ 50 billion in other countries of the world. The number of invaluable and non-real estate is also high. Recommendations by the Supreme Court on behalf of Governor State Bank Tariq Bajwa Foreign Accounts and for collecting and refunding information about foreign and non-real estate property the report prepared by the committee prepared by various recommendations has been given in the Supreme Court. It has been suggested that International Cancellation Law for the withdrawal of several hundred billion dollar transit from Pakistan’s political figures abroad, for the withdrawal of US regulations and bilateral agreements and the billions of dollars transferred abroad by the Bureau of Commerce, Businessman and foreign citizens, the acquisition of information under the first agreements and later on, two cases have been made for filing a case in courts of these countries and return to the capital.

However, in a clean, Swiss information exchange agreement, a clause 25 is asked due to which Pakistan will not be available to more than 3 years of old accounts of Pakistaniis in Swiss banks. There is more than $ 200 billion in Pakistanis bank accounts available in Swiss banks between Pakistan and Switzerland. The new agreement between Pakistan and Switzerland signed the Swiss Federal Council and the FBR in 2017. Under this, if in Pakistan, in case of intentionally and capable tax securities in the country by stealing tax or tax against a political person or businessman the action has been continued for the last three years so, based on such cases, to acquire bank accounts available in Swiss banks of banks Swiss court can be referred to Swiss banks to get information.


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