The first speech of the Prime Minister of Japan in Parliament

Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga

Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga

Tokyo… News Time

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has addressed parliament for the first time since taking office last month. The global coronavirus epidemic was high on the agenda. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the number of confirmed cases had increased in late June, but the spread of the infection had begun to decline. Now the decline is slowing down and the situation is still unpredictable. We will do everything possible to prevent and prevent the spread of infection and to protect public health and lives. We will also restore social and economic activities and revive the economy. Yoshihide Suga added that the government plans to increase inspection capacity so that global economic activity can be safely restored. He said the goal is to have 20,000 people entering Japan every day by the end of next month, especially in business and education. Yoshihide Suga added that his administration is working to get enough vaccines to be available to every citizen of the country by the first half of next year. The ruling coalition hopes to pass a law on the corona virus vaccine by the end of the current parliamentary session on December 5. Referring to climate change, Yoshihide Suga said Japan would work towards achieving its goal of carbon-free society by 2050. Yoshihide Suga has reiterated her commitment to host the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year in a safe and risk-free manner. After that, the Prime Minister will face Question Hour in both the Upper House and the Lower House of Parliament till Friday. The opposition is likely to focus on the Corona virus, as well as the possible disagreement over Yoshihide Suga’s refusal to appoint six intellectuals to the Science Council, possibly the country’s highest academic body.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has been talking about climate change around the world for some time now. Increased carbon in the atmosphere is causing health problems with difficulty breathing that even the health department is unable to understand. The use of plastics and the fumes they emit have polluted the environment to such an extent that breathing invites death. So now different countries have started implementing plans to reduce the use of plastic and clean their air. In this regard, a developed country like Japan has also signaled some emergency changes. Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has said that by 2050, Japan will become the world’s first carbon neutral country. The world’s third-largest economy has taken drastic measures in response to climate change. The Prime Minister said that now climate change will not be a hindrance to economic growth. “We need to change our thinking,” he said. As we adapt to climate change, obviously, these changes will lead to a change in the industrial structure and in any case will affect the economy. “I declare that we will live in a carbon-free society in any case,” he said. He made it clear that by 2050, they will have achieved 80% of the clean environment. Along with Japan, Europe has also started pursuing similar policies, while China also claims that it will join the Carbon Free Zone by 2060. Although there are doubts about Japan’s claim, the way it is changing the use of coal and other fuels suggests that it will be able to breathe in a carbon-free society.


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