The Donald Trump is fear of being poisoned at all times

Michael Wolff's fascinating book "Fire and Fury"

Michael Wolff’s fascinating book “Fire and Fury”

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The pen’s power is more than just the weapons that is why the Donald Trump, who wants to control the world through wars, could not tolerate the burden of a book written against us. Now his genocide reaction is being shouted to the world someone in black pulses is black, but the surprise itself is on the Americans, who are contrary to the fact that the White House has the full ripe of past-one year-old cooking. Traumatic statements against the media and the journalists had made it believe in the presidency of the presidency in 2017. The trumps are afraid of a force, just by the power of the media. He said that the journalists are the most unbelievable people, and if the US threatens someone, it is from the press. His fear became reality, when he came to the top of Michael Wolff’s fascinating book “Fire and Fury” in The Trump White House, which exposed the White House secrets.

At the same time all the languages ​​are just the same questions as to whom Michael Wolff was, and who could have access to White House? Michael Wolff is the former columnist of the British newspaper The Guardian, a long list of his publications in the US’s famous journals. They have a queen to write on colorful lives of influential people. In 2002 and 2004, he was also awarded the National Magazine Award for writing the best writing. The surprising order is that the building likes White House, where the permissible bird can not kill, how was Michael Wolff accessible there? How did he spend a long time in White House reviewing one thing? Answering this, Michael Wolff says that Donald Trump specially allowed him to access White House. This permit was not less than a passport for Michael Wolff. Michael Wolff, the correspondent columnist Trump, was liked and liked Michael Wolff to the mysterious secrets of White House.

Trumps were happy about the fact that Wolf would be impressed by his works and wrote such a book. This will be the best of the world’s Donald Trump’s greatness, but sorry, nothing happened, the sharp words of Michael Wolff fell to the Atom bomb on Trumps’s hopes and kissed his wishes. During the time spent in White House, Michael Wolff interviewed more than 200 people who were very close to the Trump. The essence of these interviews led to the completion of this book. Michael Wolff reported the Guardian in his book in December last year and it is clear that the purpose of this book is not to be hostile with anyone, but they want to bring the truth in reality. At the same time, he also allowed the Guardian to publish some of the parts before it came to the bookmark market. In the Guardian, a storm collapsed with the publication of those parts. The lawyer of the Donald Trump tried to ban this book but he failed. Michael Wolff has been in the market for book readers several days ago, due to the fear of being banned on the book. The author has opened screenshots from the White House’s mysterious walls in Fire and Fury and what the secret has revealed, they have doubled the question about their President’s ability in front of the American nation. After reading the book, everything has been suspicious to the American President’s mental condition and to his foreign policies. Michael Wolff says one of the books written in the book, they have incredible evidence of one thing.

Prior to the first year of the presidency of the Donald Trump, it was proven that the Trump will sink their performance, but this bad time was to come so soon, it was not expected. Now Trumps are being tweeted on Twitter as a picture of the book. Apart from this, there is nothing else in their bus. Trump says denying Michael Wolff has never allowed access to White House nor has he given any interview. And they have declared this book a liar, but now what is the benefit of these things? That’s what happened to me.

So, the whole book contains interesting events of Discovery and Donald Trump’s life but after announcement of the Trump presidency in the election, his and his wife Melania Trump’s reaction is quite surprising. The author writes that Donald Trump was neither expected to conquer the election nor was the wish but rather after planning to win, a media brand had planned to set up. Trumps never wanted to live in the White House. So when his name was announced as the new American president, he was surprised to be surprised once again. According to his daughter, it seems that his father had seen some ghost. Melania Trump could now cry as soon as he heard the name of Trumpet, perhaps he was convinced that his worse days have begun. On the opening ceremony of the presidency, Donald Trump continued to scream on the wife, His words with the wife were sharp and loud, words Melania Trump join the eye-catching eye. Trump was also very angry that many media celebrities refused to come to the opening ceremony, which they describe with their innocence.

Michael Wolff has presented a unique turn of Trump personality in this book, which was still hidden by the world’s eyes. Writes that assistant, close friends of the trumpet, as well as personalities, are considered to be extremely inadequate for presidency. According to his close friends’ opinion, he is the owner of the child’s mind. The same thing is a frequent recurring and extremely memorable reminder to repeat. Even so, forget the names of their close people. Trumps are also uncertain about the ability to stay united on any matter. Michael Wolff writes that Trump’s favorite game is to live on the bedroom with friends of the friends. They are the owners of strange habits, especially in the bedroom’s life, they like to wear unheat and sleep on the bed, That is why they talked about the secret service on the issue of bedroom locking several times, But they did not get permission to lock the bedroom. The author, the Secret Service insists that the security of the American President must be accessible at all times, and this trumpet passes pretty nasty.

This is the first time in White House’s history that there are two separate bedrooms in the use of US President and his wife. Tramp has put three TV screens in its dream, So that they can see three news channels at a time. By morning awake at the o’clock in the morning, Trumpps first eat burgers of their favorite things and then the hours of Fox News and CNN are lost in the air. During the meal, he does not allow any employee to allow the cleaning of food grains. They are always in fear that they should not be poisoned, so they are not allowed to hand over their things, especially toothbrush.

Author Michael Wolff writes that close advisors of the president are questioning himself as being eligible for his presidential post. They say that on the diplomatic and financial issues Trum’s mental abilities are zero. In addition to the personal life of the Donald Trump, the book is full of disclosures regarding his professional life. Specifically, the statements attributed to Stephen Kevin Bannon have already begun. Stephen Kevin Bannon is the former chairman of American media executives, key political figure, former banker and Britt Bart News. Yes, for example, after the book’s publication, he has also resigned from Britt Bart News, recognizing himself guilty.

 Stephen Kevin Bannon worked seven years as Chief A Strategist of the Donald Trump in White House and then removed from the post. For 7 months Stephen Kevin Bannon, after his publication of the Trumpbook, expresses his best wishes, has become his enemies. Stephen’s statements recorded in the book are full of astonishing eyes all over the world. This impression is quite accurate about Fire and Fury that this book contains mostly the statements of Stephen Kevin Bannon. Stephen Kevin Bannon says the secret meeting between 6 people of the president’s family and the Russian officials in Trump Tower; the state is in harmony with the US.

According to political experts, this discovery is the most awesome part of this book. American secret organizations had already thought that Moscow has tried to bury American elections in favor of Republican. Robert Muller, former FBI chief, has been selected to investigate this matter and these investigations are still in progress. At such time, Stephen Kevin Bannon will open the new door of trouble for the revealed traumatic tramp. And how much more the scope of investigation will be given to them. The heavy financial benefits of the trumpet connected with the Russian soil are not hidden from anyone. The trumpet of the trumpet of the Americans to Russia is always inevitable. The book further states that Stephen Kevin Bannon says that many times Russia has gone to the Trump before the presidency. The purpose of these visits was nothing but meeting with Putin, but despite his efforts he could not meet. The fact that Trump spread in Russia and soft-hearted mosaic in Moscow have been like a thorn in America. This book, which is difficult to trump this book in American journalism circles, can have a clear effect on Camp David meeting in 2018, Where important Republican leaders will get legislative priorities for the New Year. Unread book’s post has also put the Stephen Kevin Bannon in trouble. White House’s door was closed at Stephen Kevin Bannon, a close-up of his close and trusted colleagues. The job has gone and the reputation too worsened.

The beneficiary of the beneficiary has remained equal to the lack of resources, and now they are presenting their sins as guilty, but in such a way they can not get the replica of the trumpet again. In a recent statement, Stephen Kevin Bannon says, “Since then, about the alleged allegations regarding Russia on the Trump, I have come to say that there is no basis for it.” Trump’s son is also great and loyal as his father and we all know that he did not meet a Russian official. There is no positive effect on the trump of these statements, but they are calling out their heart against Stephen Kevin Bannon, Stephen Kevin Bannon is crazy after being fired from White House. In the first 7 months of the presidency, behind the implementation of all the Trumpp executive orders, the brain used to be Stephen Kevin Bannon. There is travel restrictions imposed on citizens of Muslim countries or the international treaty from Paris American separation decision; Steve’s role in all can not be ignored. Stephen Kevin Bannon had the full strength of the trumpet’s daughter and daughter-in-law intervention in national affairs, but in front of President’s family, the balloon of his power came out rapidly. The president of the president began to realize that Stephen Kevin Bannon has made space more than times in the media through his statements. Then when Stephen Kevin Bannon’s picture of Time magazine’s episode, Jaggamai, broke the sky on the head of Guia Trumpet, and then Stephen Kevin Bannon was soon told Good White.

After the book’s publication, Trump’s son-in-law says, Stephen Kevin Bannon is not a strategist but an opportunist man. Trump is saying, there was no such capability that it was kept in the White House, except for the desire of self-determination in the media. Trump replied in another Twenty20 a few days in response to the allegations in mental health book, I have two big assets. One is my mental patience and the second one to be smart. I was also a successful trader and also a popular TV star. Then Trump wrote in a specific style, Author Michael Wolff is a loser, who has just written a book written by a liar. For this purpose, he has used Nimmy Steve, who is running after getting fired. Stephen Kevin Bannon on this fool and lady will now have to face every direction.

In response to the allegations made in the book, the Trumps are set to the end of their mind but North Korea’s head Kim Jong Un has got a new weapon to fight on the trump. Now the war of words has started as well as the nuclear war threats. In a statement issued by the government in North Korea, a newspaper wrote, Book Fire and Fury’s fast-growing sales proved this how fast the anti-trumpet emotions are spreading across the world and this is a disgrace for the Donald Trump. The newspaper further wrote that this book is a colorful story of Trump’s political death. At present, the views of the whole world, especially the American nation, are focused on the Donald Trump’s mental health. To satisfy the nation, Trump has agreed to check their first full check-up after the presidency. They call themselves an intelligent man, but the American people now need evidence in the form of medical reports. It is a matter of fact that the practical steps of the trump, all the bad effects and tricks are always grieved by their bad mental condition. However, White House’s spokesperson has made it clear that no check-up check-up for President’s mental health will be done, which has doubled the American public doubles by 200 percent. American newspapers are writing, we are living in a nuclear program. Our survival is on top of the President’s fingerprint. The US is the right to know that we are aware of everything about President’s mental health and nothing will be kept secret. It would not be said to be unsuccessful that Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury has set an end to American soil. The sounds are rising so that the US does not have any further trumpets. Some Americans say Trumps are the only one in all American presidents those who did not feel connected to this earth.

On 5 January, fifteen copies were sold within four days of scene-book Fire and Fury. At the Amazon website, this is a Best Selling Book. His publisher Henry Holt has also received a further order of more than one million copies. It is a clear fact that suddenly speaking of the White House walls is not just Trump and Stephen Kevin Bannon. But also the publisher’s life has completely changed.

From 1776 to 1974, Research on mental health of US presidency Professor Jonathan David of North Carolina shared with his colleagues at Duke University Medical Center, An investigation conducted in 2006 on the mental health of former American presidents. This study was published in Journal of nervous and mental illness, in the mid-1776s to the mid-1974s, the mental health of the presidency of the presidency on American presidential chair was studied. After becoming the President of the Donald Trump, this research is being given a lot of importance in American newspapers.

According to the research results, during the period half of the mental illness of the presidents who ruled the US, While the presidential candidates were only 27%.24% of the patients were severe depression patients, including James Madison, John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Calvin College and Abraham Lincoln. Ibrahim Lincoln is told to be so depressed after his close friend and sister’s death. One of his friends stopped fearing them in the room and did not commit suicide.

According to more research, 8% of American presidents were advanced inconvenience and uncomfortable, including Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Collage and Vedro Wilson. In addition, about 8 percent American presidents had a schizophrenia disease, Including Lyndon B. Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt. 8% of the presidents were mostly used to alcohol. The reason for Benjamin Franklin’s death has been the same addiction, famous for Grants, that he drinks so much wine that once he got drunk, fell down from the horse during the military parade. Apart from this, Nixon was drunk at all times, one thing; Nixon was not even able to talk to the British Prime Minister who was willing to talk about Swaz Crisis’s most important issue. According to research, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant and Kiel van Coolidge were socially afraid, People used to avoid being explicit. In addition to this, there was a severe problem in breathing sleep during William Howard Taft. This physical illness also poses a negative impact on their mental health. Writing at the end of the research, the authors expressly regret that despite all of these facts, we still do not have any reliable quality of prescription mental health.


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