Syria is facing the most serious humanitarian crisis: UN

Syria is facing the most serious humanitarian crisis

Syria is facing the most serious humanitarian crisis

UN … News Time

The 4-year-long civil war in Syria, the serious situation created by the United Nations expressed deep concern that Syria is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis. UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres Syrian situation in Syria held a special meeting of the Security Council warned that the ongoing civil war in Syria, the UN estimates that more people fled. The increasing number of refugees abroad and the difficulties concern the frightening statistics. He said the 38 million Syrians have fled their country and take refuge in Lebanon and Jordan have been. United Nations High Commission data according to any one country has the largest number of refugees. UN officials said the Syrian crisis they face serious difficulties and the international community’s relief efforts are seen negligible. Syrian children under the age of 18 suffer from the destruction of an entire generation. As we try to help refugees facing us is so difficult. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Convention, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan burdens particularly appealing for help from the world and the increasing number of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, pressure on health and basic infrastructure have. Gutyrs urged the international community to Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and other countries also take steps to adjust so that only a few countries have the burden of Syrian refugees. The European countries and the Gulf States urged Syrian funding to provide them with temporary refuge in Him and generous. However, according to UN figures released in March 2011 after the civil war in Syria, more than 3 million Syrians leave the country have been forced to migrate to other countries. According to UN estimates, the Syrian crisis was not the end of the year the number of Syrian refugees abroad will exceed 4 million. Syrian refugees in donor countries for financial support of the third annual conference in Kuwait are March 31. Before the 2 donor’s conference for Syrian refugees were $ 4 billion in aid pledges Kuwait, of which only $ 800 million was paid.


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