Sweden recognized Palestine as a state



Stockholm, Jerusalem … News Time

As Sweden officially recognize Palestine as a state. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Sweden welcomed the move, while Israeli protests. According to Sweden’s foreign minister on Tuesday announced plans to recognize Palestine Margot Wallstrom. In this regard, he said that it was important from Sweden, which is a testament to the self-determination of flsltynyun. After the move, Sweden became the first country in Western Europe, which has recognized the State of Palestine. Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said, adding that Sweden hope this step will show the way to others. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Palestinian from Sweden welcomed it as a bold and historic move, while expressing regret protest Israel’s ambassador to Sweden has sought. Sweden on the other hand, the United States opposed it, saying it was premature to decide the issue of Palestine and the State of Israel will only be solved by negotiation. 7 Eastern Europe Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania have recognized Palestine as a state. In addition, a 32-year-old Palestinian in West Jerusalem, Israeli police shot and killed. Israeli Police killed a few hours before the Israeli extreme right wing political activists had tried to kill. Fierce clashes in the area after the incident, and once again brought the war clouds poll. Due to recent incidents of Israeli forces from Gaza is completely closed. For the first time in 14 years the mosque has been closed completely. Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian people against the closure of al-Aqsa Mosque equates the war. President Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel will be held accountable for all legal avenues. In addition, according to the BBC, some 100 countries around the world have recognized Palestine. EU, Sweden is the first country in Western Europe, the Palestinians formally recognized as a separate state. Furthermore Palestine UN Security Council has urged Israel to refrain from Jerusalem to keep the new settlement. According to the report of the Security Council meeting on Thursday 15 member states to consider the new developments, but after meeting a joint statement on the issue, neither came nor was any statement of condemnation issued. Israel announced a few days ago that he was 1 thousand new houses in East Jerusalem will taymyr, which Palestinian officials had expressed anger.


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