Scope of atrocities against Rohingya Muslims is growing: UN

Scope of atrocities against Rohingya Muslims is growing

Scope of atrocities against Rohingya Muslims is growing

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the meeting of General Assembly last day Myanmar’s Muslim majority state has not reduced state violence against local Muslims due to which the wave of violence is moving from the north to the middle of the state. In the coming days more 250000 Rohingya Muslims will be forced to leave the country. According to Al-Arabi, he said in a speech to the general assembly meeting hearing the statements of older children, women and women who migrate from Rohingya, stand standing in front of the oppression there. He said that last eight years there has been a continuous increase in violent protests against Muslims in Myanmar. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres emphasized the urgent support of Burma’s Muslim refugees and emergency aid to resolve their problems. Antonio Guterres said that the survivors of the refugee camps were shocked to tell them. Power is being used against non-Muslims. Eventually massacre with massacre massacre has been widely reported. It is believed that the UN Secretary-General has come in a statement at a time when a UN-backing team has attempted to enter the state-run state-of-the-art approach again. UN officials say Burma officials have prevented the workers from going to the affected areas. According to the UN estimates, 500 million Rohingya Muslims have migrated Bangladesh since the fear of the state’s state terror terrorism. The United Nations has repeatedly condemned the misconduct of Muslims in Burma, and declared it as genocide of open-up Muslims. On Tuesday, the Security Council meeting was called on the appeal of Sweden, America, Britain, Egypt, Senegal and Kazakhstan to prevent violence against Muslims. In the address of this occasion, the United Nations General Secretary also appealed to open the hearts for the help of Burma’s oppressed Muslims. He emphasized the Myanmar’s government to immediately stop the series of violence and provide access to relief workers from affected areas. So food and medicines can be reached to the victims of oppression.


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