Russia was the world’s most dangerous weapons surfaced 

SU-24 bombers using electronic jamming aircraft weapons through scenes shown

SU-24 bombers using electronic jamming aircraft weapons through scenes shown

Moscow … News Time

The hovering threat of a third world war and US forces are moving to surround to the side of Russia, Russia began to flounder, but on this occasion the step of increasing troop throws a threat to the United States. The Daily Star reports that the US says Russia is the mistake of war if the new weapon would be enough to destroy the electronic bomb a US strike all weapons and military equipment. Russian troops in the Russian media is shown in the videos while practicing how they will freeze electronic communications of US naval vessels using the electronic bomb. He said the United States strongly to win a video you do not need expensive weapons, powerful radio electronic jamming is enough. SU-24 bombers through the use of electronic jamming aircraft weapons scenes are shown electronic signal that a warship has been frozen while the demo to make it inoperable. Russian officials have already been forced to take up arms because of the embarrassment the US but all the ammunition in the war between the two countries will be defused in the same attack. Russia has also revealed a new weapon with its own radio electronic jamming technology called DOM the shell is made of powerful electronic waves can secure its borders entirely from enemy aircraft. Similarly, electronic jamming technology support has also revealed an arsenal of power to redirect enemy missiles. Defense analysts say the United States has been ringing trumpet from a third world war that is being considered after the mother of all bombs dropped in Afghanistan. Russia also presents the risk of any possible aggression from the United States is completing its preparations, And any moment that nothing in this situation far be the beginning of a terrible war.


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