Putin warns Netanyahu to declare war on Israel

Putin warns Netanyahu to declare war on Israel

Putin warns Netanyahu to declare war on Israel

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that Russia could declare war on Israel. According to the British newspaper, Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded a ceasefire on the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza and called for an immediate end to the violence in Israel and Palestine in which a large number of peaceful people, including children, have been killed. The solution must be found in the light of UN and Security Council resolutions.

On the other hand, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel a terrorist, saying that Biden’s hands are stained with Palestinian blood for supporting Israel; today we saw that Joseph Biden sold arms to Israel. The deal has been signed, the Palestinians are being persecuted, their blood is being shed, Biden is writing history with his bloody hands, America has forced us to say this because of its attitude because the Palestinian Ottoman Empire Looking forward to peace after the end of, we can no longer remain silent and we can not back down from supporting Palestine.

China also called on the United States to play its part in preventing Israeli attacks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a news conference. The biggest conflict since then has arisen, for which the United States must fulfill its responsibilities; Israel must exercise restraint and end the cycle of violence, threats and provocations against Muslims. According to a foreign news agency, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the victims in Palestine are in dire need of assistance and that all countries should work together to address the plight of the Palestinian people under humanitarian conditions. China has twice consulted in the Security Council. It is also being drafted, on the basis of which Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke openly in the Security Council on May 16 and proposed a two-state solution.


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