Punjab government decides give a free hand Nawaz Sharif’s welcome

Punjab government decides give a free hand Nawaz Sharif's welcome

Punjab government decides give a free hand Nawaz Sharif’s welcome

Karachi … News Time

The Punjab government is currently implementing the strategy of separating former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam’s arrest. The provincial government has decided that unless the criminals have been arrested in the court judgment by arresting NAB themselves, they are not present in the court, at present the role of provincial government or police does not start. Therefore, the provincial police will not play a role to arrest Mian Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, nor will they make any big deal with the workers coming to welcome them.

On the other hand, the Muslim League has also begun focusing on setting up its strategy in such a manner that instead of bringing all the workers of the air to the airport, they are trying to create an environment in the entire city by collecting them on different roads of Lahore be done so that workers in the election campaign on the one side of the city should be exhausted and Leghi voters are encouraged, on the other hand, the core team of workers of election candidates could not stand in such a situation which means in the case of arrest by police at any time. According to the league sources, if the situation of arrest of an active constituency of any election constituency, then the campaign of relevant election candidates can have a very negative impact. Therefore, it is suggested that the mid-way is proposed that on 13th July, carpets and tickets of thousands of hundreds of workers should be seen on the streets and streets of Lahore and there are no crowds gathered together, to control itself, difficulty for self-determination and creating an unexpected situation. In connection with the proposals related to the Nawaz League, it was told that what is ahead of the strategy, where and how to work together on July 13, so far, no direct guidance has been made by the central, provincial or local organization and leadership. It is clear that LEGI leadership does not want to remove workers’ attraction in election constituencies. Youth Wing of Muslim League N Lahore General Secretary, Faisal Khokhar said while speaking he has not yet given any guidance or guidance from the Youth Wing President Khurram Raheel Asghar. I am busy in my constituency, but as soon as the party leadership decides to welcome July 13, we will be present.

Talking through a league, said that taking the large number of workers on the streets of July 13 is not necessary for Mian Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz. In fact, the politics and politics of the party and the people are also on the basis of that large number of people is gathered in place in Lahore, and then they should also slogan for Hamza Shahbaz besides Mir Nawaz. The provincial government said that before the capture of Captain Mohammad Safdar, the scene that got to see Rawalpindi, some people think it was a weakness of government interest. It’s not like that. The provincial government and police have acted as a law-enforcement partner with NAB. Now on July 13, if the NAB support and the provincial government want help, it will definitely be helped, as it will be possible in the election code of the Election Commission. Police will be available as NAB’s assistant. Yes, if someone will try to take peace in his hand, then he will have to see the provincial government and police. But there is still a strategy to fix this. It is clear that the rules require that any NAB person gets punished after the court is punished if he does not surrender himself to the court. So it is the responsibility of NAB to arrest the criminals who first get the court before themselves and submit it to the court and then the court sent it to jail by the police.


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