Pakistan’s campaign to anger Arab countries!

If we look at Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates alone, these countries have provided jobs to 3.6 million Pakistanis

If we look at Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates alone, these countries have provided jobs to 3.6 million Pakistanis

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Don’t know why a section of us is trying to ruin our relations with the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It is becoming a common practice to criticize these countries for one reason or another by telling lies and truth, and it is time for the media as well as politicians to refrain from making such comments. And that is why some time ago the Foreign Minister of Pakistan made such an irresponsible statement about Saudi Arabia in a TV talk show that the government got into trouble to prevent the relations from deteriorating in any way. There is such irresponsible and false talk about these countries on social media and YouTube channels that sometimes it feels as if all this is being done under a conspiracy. In order to spoil the relations between Pakistan and these Arab countries and to deprive them of the cooperation and the innumerable fruits of which Pakistan has been gaining and is doing. A divisive policy issue can be politely discussed in the media, but it is not only inappropriate but also dangerous for Pakistan to humiliate and ridicule these countries and their rulers and to campaign against them.

We should realize that the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have not only always helped us immensely and helped us in every difficult time, but these two countries have the most employment opportunities for Pakistanis working abroad. Providethere are currently more than 4 million Pakistanis working in GCC countries. If we look at Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, these countries have provided jobs to 3.6 million Pakistanis, which are the most important source of remittances for Pakistan. From these two countries alone, Pakistan receives about 8to 10 $.billion, or more than Rs. 1,500 billion in remittances annually. Every year about 5.4 lakh Pakistanis are given jobs in these two countries. This means that not only does Pakistan receive a large share of remittances from these countries, but because of the Pakistanis working there, these two countries are the source of livelihood for about 20 million or more Pakistanis. Recently, the UAE has imposed work visa bans on about 12 other countries, including Pakistan, ostensibly because of the Corona epidemic and its negative effects on the economy. The ban means a daily loss of at least 1,000 new jobs for Pakistanis. Can Pakistan bear this loss? If our irresponsible behavior and the blame-based campaign against these countries through social media is not stopped so there is a fear that along with the ban on new jobs for Pakistanis in these countries, the jobs of millions of Pakistanis working there could also be lost, which could destroy Pakistan’s economy and create a crisis situation.

Yes, we must also think about why the Arab countries are leaning more towards India than Pakistan. It would be better for us to look at our own necks than to blame others. Look at your shortcomings so that you not only prevent the relationship from deteriorating but also strengthen it and try to double the quota of jobs for Pakistanis in GCC countries. For the past several days, our media and social media, including politicians, have been mocking Saudi Arabia for not including the Kashmir issue in the agenda of the last OIC foreign ministers’ meeting. Today’s newspapers reported that a strong resolution in favor of Kashmir and against India was unanimously passed in this meeting. According to the Constitution of Pakistan, nothing can be written and spoken in the media against friendly countries which threatens to damage relations with those countries. It seems that the state, along with many other provisions of the constitution, has forgotten this provision. As far as social media and YouTube are concerned, no law or rule applies to them, no matter what they say or do. If we talk about regulating such irresponsible media and social media, then we call it an attack on freedom of expression. Sorry!


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