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The world's first democratic black president, Nelson Mandela, is celebrating the World Day on 18 July today.

The world’s first democratic black president, Nelson Mandela, is celebrating the World Day on 18 July today.

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Today, the world’s first democratic black president, President of the South Africa, is being celebrated Nelson Mandela on July 18, Mandela’s name is among the great figures of human history, even though she is still alive in the hearts of people despite being coached from this fascinating world. The United Nations General Assembly announced the anniversary of the new service of new South African architect Nelson Mandela in November 2009, on the anniversary of celebrating Nelson Mandela International Day. Celebrating this year’s Nelson Mandela Day, pleasant memories of South Africa were celebrated two years ago when there was a celebration of the herbs and her heartfelt Babylonian Nelson Mandela nation. South African hostels had said that Mandela was a lightweight of human history that adopted a common pardon and passion by using a peaceful long struggle against ethnic discrimination. And taught his great role that falling in life is a sign of greatness. Mandela used to say that great people never panic for forgiving for high purpose, if you want peace with your enemy, make it your contribution.

South Africa is one of the world’s developed countries today, three decades ago there was a hazard of hatred based on color and race, the British imperialism sunset over South Africa but the white inhabitants were governed by the government, the aim of the life of the main black-populated local black community was to serve the gurus, the extremist extremism was that the exploitation of white people also had constitutional protection, the government meant to raise voice against cruel measures of the country. There was disgrace and treason. In such horrific situations, Nelson Mandela’s voice shouted that the government’s steps are taking away South Africa from the path of development, when it comes to power. Because life-saving in the shadow of fear is unable to contribute to the welfare of its community, Mandela has written a manifesto of freedom in which South Africa is of all black and white people. Those who live here and no government can claim the right to power unless they are formed by the wishes of all citizens. To stop popularity of these democratic ideologies of Nelson Mandela, she was admitted to her life in critical cases like treason on the Emperor’s Emma; however, he emphasized the importance of democracy, human rights and social harmony while defending the room court. They want to establish an ideal democracy-free society, where all people live in peace with mutual peace and everyone is equally likely to develop.

Nelson Mandela believed that education for social and economic development is the world’s most powerful weapon that is why they interfered from the jail to the South African people in the field of education, Mandela was also a positive aspect of the personality of women and advocates gender equality. Despite being blamed against the Western imperialism, it was considered to be the necessity of admiring government measures for social development and promotion education. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of her life imprisoned but did not bow down to the racist government, Oliver Timbo, his close companion outside the prison, continue a regular campaign against Nelson Mandela. Eventually Mandela’s colleague brought a fascinating color, and the Government’s time released Nelson Mandela. In the first national elections of the country’s history, all the citizens were given the opportunity to use different color breeding rights so, Nelson Mandela, the settlers in South Africa, chose their first black Democratic president. The revolutionary leader Mandela was well aware that his original test in New South Africa has started, they wanted to win the hearts of black people by taking revenge from white imperial forces but, while deciding in the best interest of South Africa, avoiding retaliation, adopting a general apology and understanding policy, after assuming the government, concrete conspiracies have been made for trusting, poverty eradication and promotion among calls and gurus, promoted merit across the country, maintained capable white citizens on public positions, strengthening external investors, ensuring political stability, under the new constitution, to propose social harmony, it is called 11 languages ​​as national language and has created good relations with the community community.

After finishing the Mandela period, after leaving the power of power, Mandela Foundation was engaged in welfare activities. Nelson Mandela was awarded world awards and honors worldwide, with Nobel Peace Prize. Many world personalities gathered in South Africa to participate in the last rituals on the death of the Great Leader while celebrating the special prayer celebrations of different religions. Today, New South African architect Nelson Mandela is not present among us, but celebrating Nelson Mandela Day reflects the historical fact around the world. The durable solution for all disputes is in dialogue, ending hostilities; we will have to use the vision of Nielsen Mandela to make this planet a safe destination.


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