Muslim Brotherhood plans to revive the organizational structure in 2020

Egypt's banned religious political party Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s banned religious political party Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo … News Time

Abdul-Jalil al-Sharnouby, a former leader of Egypt’s banned religious political party Muslim Brotherhood, has revealed that the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood plans to re-activate the organization’s internal and external structure in 2020. This is a new attempt by organization to activate itself following repeated attacks against Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other Arab countries. Talking to Al-Arabiya, Al-Sharnouby said that the new plan of Muslim Brotherhood has been released under the title ‘Plan 2020′. The main topics of this project include topics such as ‘freedom of ootan’, financial jihad, physical preparation, using the Palestine case for its military purposes and restoring its influence in Arab countries. In response to a question, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood said that US President Donald Trump had threatened the existence of Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood case wants to use Palestine as a resort to achieve its organizational goals. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to activate its organizational structure at a time when the United States has announced its peace plan for the Middle East, the ‘Century Deal’.

Al-Sharnouby says the Muslim Brotherhood’s hatred against the leadership of the Gulf countries has increased after the Muslim Brotherhood’s organizational structure in the Gulf countries and the imposition of sanctions on the party. On the other hand, Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey and Qatar have further strengthened relations and alliances and this is natural. Formerly a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood says that in the present case Palestine is a great tool for strengthening and strengthening the organizational structure for the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to exploit the feelings of sympathy for Palestinians in Arab countries in their own interests. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to convince its supporters that it is trying to stop the US expansionist program in the region. Therefore, Arab nations have to support Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaked program states with clear and clear words that all sections of society and their functioning demand the protection of their rights. According to al-Sharnoubi, Muslim Brotherhood means the government of Arab countries, not the occupation of Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood invites resistance and revolution against them by calling them authoritarian. This is the reason why Muslim Brotherhood adopted the slogan of freedom of udan. Any government and system that is preventing Muslim Brotherhood from moving forward is supported by resistance.

He further says that Muslim Brotherhood seeks to remove differences in organizational leadership, while emphasizing on one side Hasan. Insistence on dialogue and dialogue within the party is emphasized. Muslim Brotherhood believes that such an organization can be stronger. Avoiding raising a finger on organizational leadership is emphasized. That is why every leadership is considered to be free from all kinds of accusations. If a leader is a victim of corruption, then he is exposed to corruption. On the question of whether the new program of Muslim Brotherhood will be held only within Egypt or is it for foreign countries as well? So al-Sharnouby says that although the program’s emphasis will be on Egypt, the organization will insist on adopting it in other countries as well. Its recommendations are of a global nature. Wherever the Muslim Brotherhood is present it will encourage its supporters and followers to implement it.


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