Maryam Nawaz presented court, NAB arrested Captain Retired Safdar from the airport, and Court adjourned till 13 October

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz

Islamabad … News Time

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz appeared in the Accountability Court, after the initial hearing, the court ordered a delay of Rs 50 lakhs to ensure the presence of the court in Maryam Nawaz for a while in the hearing. Meanwhile, Tariq Fazal Chaudhary, N leader, submitted Rs 5 lakhs, while Pervaiz Rasheed and Asif Kermani signed a witness. The Court also gave a copy of the case to Maryam Nawaz. Nawaz Sharif’s counsel Khawaja Harris submitted the temptation to temporary attendance, on which the court has secured the decision. Former prime minister’s lawyer stressed that their goals are in London for the sake of their wife, so they should be allowed to attend the court. NAB Prosecutor was opposed to issuing exemption from former Prime Minister’s warrant against the application of exception. Security measures have been taken on this occasion. Rangers are not deployed today; one thousand police officers and FC personnel are performing duties. Maryam Nawaz reaches accountability court for Chaudhry Munir’s residence for honeymoon however; the NAB team brought Captain Retired Safdar to the NAB office in an armored vehicle. Accountability court judge, Muhammad Bashir NAB, is hearing on 3 references. On the occasion, large number of workers was present outside the judicial complex, which was a slogan in favor of their leaders. On the previous hearing, the court ordered the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Hassan, Hussein, Maryam Nawaz and Captain (R) Muhammad Safdar to be privately. Maryam Nawaz left Chaudhry Munir’s residence for the affair in the Accountability court, along with Pervaiz Rasheed, Asif Karmani, Mary Aurangzeb, Anoshha Rehman and lawyer of the team. In the light of the verdict of 28 July regarding the Supreme Court’s Panama case, NAB had filed three references to Evening Field Properties, Azizi Steel Mills and Flagship Investigation in the accountability court against the Sharif family. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been hanged by NAB in his reference to Hasan, Husain, daughter Maryam Nawaz and Damad Captain Retired Mohammad Safdar. In the flagship investment reference of Alzazeera Steel Mills Jeddah and 15 off noise, Nawaz Sharif and his two sons Hasan and Hussain Nawaz have been named as the accused. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif presented two witnesses to the Supreme Court on September 26, and October 2 in connection with the Accountability Court.

Captain Safdar

Captain Safdar

The NAB team arrested Maryam Nawaz’s husband Captain Retired Safdar from Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad on return from London. The NAB had already informed the National Assembly about arresting the letter. Captain Retired Safdar and Mary Mary Nawaz’s flight tonight to 10 minutes from London to Pakistan landed tonight. NAB team was present on the occasion. The team also tried to go to the runway for Captain Retired Safdaraki’s arrest, which he was not allowed by the airport administration after which he remained in Rawalpindi. PML-N leader Pervez Rasheed, Asif Karmani, Mary Aurangzeb and other senior leader were present on the airport. Asif Karmani said that if Captain retired Safdar was arrested; he would take a legal route. After coming to Lonej, Nawaz Sharif’s grandmother, Captain retired Safdar, was arrested and transferred to NAB Headquarters Islamabad office, According to sources, Special Cell was vacated for the Captain Retired Safdar in the NAB investigation center. After arrest of Captain Safdar, the PML-N workers were shifted to the airport, and the worker Neb officials got down before the car. The workers were advised by the leaders of the N League and Captain Safdar on this matter and said no resistance should be done. Earlier, in a letter written by NAB Lahore, the Accountability Court issued an unbelievable warrant arrest of Captain Retired Safdar on October 2. According to the letter, the accused was abroad and tonight returned home from Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad. Maryam Nawaz said before Pakistan’s departure they will be present in courts and try the system of justice. The world knows that this accountability is not revenge, the people are objecting to the appointment of Nawaz Sharif’s N League, whose relation is not related to the N League. Accountability court rejects the request of the NAB to send Captain Safdar to the bail of Rs. 50 lakhs. The court was adjourned till October 13 for further hearing.


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