Less dependent on the United States, 23 EU countries sign key defense alliance    

23 EU countries sign key defense alliance

23 EU countries sign key defense alliance

Brussels … News Time

Twenty Three EU states including France and Germany finalizing the defense agreement, laid the foundation of the European Defense Union. After the United Kingdom’s EU withdrawal, the Union is keen to become more autonomous at the military level and it has been set under the same goal. Apart from this, the European Union wants to reduce the dependence on US military support for armed conflict resolution. Under this agreement, joint military training programs will be formed in addition to setting up a Cruise Response Center and European Medical Center at European level. Denmark’s other states have decided not to be part of this agreement, while Poland, Ireland and Malta have not yet decided to join themselves. After the referendum in the UK, this defense deal is being considered as an important milestone for the European Union. Talks on Brexit between Britain and the European Union could not reach any logical conclusion. The EU has demanded British leaders to take urgent steps to make negotiations fair. The European Union has banned sanctions against the South American country Venezuela. Venezuela is banned from selling arms and military equipments that these goods cannot be used for political purposes.


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