Joe Biden’s foreign policy after becoming president

In his 30-year political career, Joe Biden has always been an ardent supporter of imperialist policy.

In his 30-year political career, Joe Biden has always been an ardent supporter of imperialist policy.

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Joe Biden has set a new precedent by announcing that he will review the agreement reached with the Taliban in 2019. In his 30-year political career, Joe Biden has always been an ardent supporter of imperialist policy. As Vice President, he planned American sabotage and terrorism in Iran and was a staunch supporter of Latin American looting. Biden, who repeatedly claimed to have withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq during his 2020 presidential campaign, has backtracked. It makes clear that U.S promises and agreements should not be relied upon. The irreplaceable feature of US foreign policy has been lies and breach of promise for 200 years. We have seen this breach of promise in 1965 and 1971. In Afghanistan, the American invaders, like cowardly rats, lurk in their own pockets and kill Afghan soldiers. As long as Afghan soldiers are willing to betray Islam, this war will continue.

During their 22-year struggle, the Taliban have proved invincible and their state administrative and economic foundations are strong. They do not need to make peace with the traitorous US government or accept a democratic agreement, and this war cannot end unless the government forces and the people revolt against the Karzai, Abdullah gang. This requires the Taliban to enter government forces and government-occupied areas (Vietcong) on ​​a large scale. The Taliban’s victory is certain because of their unparalleled courage and perseverance.

Biden’s Foreign Policy: The strategy of continuing aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan will be determined in the broader context of US foreign policy. In 2019, the Iraqi government called on the United States to close its bases and withdraw its troops. This demand was rejected with contempt by the Trump administration. If US casualties in Iraq increase, there is a possibility that US military intervention will decrease, but US resistance in Iraq and the Persian Gulf, especially in Yemen, cannot be expected to decrease as US intervention there increases pressure on Iran. The security of the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates depends on US support. Therefore, Israel’s support in the region will increase. The reason for US aggression in the Middle East is the continued occupation of mineral resources and the limitation of Russia’s expanding influence. Russia occupies Syria. Its influence is growing in the Caucasus region and in the eastern mediterranean region.

It is also important to strengthen NATO to strengthen Russia’s regional blockade. Trump spoke of weakening NATO (which must be implemented). Biden will appease his European allies by increasing US spending on NATO and try to keep distance from Western Europe (especially Germany). Representatives of the Biden administration, Republicans and Democrats in Congress agree that the real competition between US imperialism and China is global. The trade agreement that Trump promised to China in 2020-2019 has practically died down. Biden will continue all the tariffs that Trump imposed on Chinese exports from 2008 to 2020. Trump had tried to persuade multinational companies to shift investment from China to other countries. Biden will continue this policy. Similarly, all efforts to undermine China’s growing technological capabilities will continue. No one can stop Biden from using military force against China, so he will strengthen the Indo-Pacific Alliance with India, especially in the South Pacific, and will continue the US aggression and try to get Indonesia and the Philippines to cooperate with its warships. If China and India continue to use force in the Himalayan region, the United States will fully support the killing of Indian soldiers there. He will continue to openly support Indian terrorism in occupied Kashmir.

Biden is far more cunning than Trump. He will insist on the ideological legitimacy of every human imperialist intervention. He did not see the violation of human rights by killing a total of 80 million Red Indians (in fact, this massacre was a demand for the implementation of human rights). Today, he does not see the violation of human rights in Palestine or Occupied Kashmir. Not in Peru and Bolivia, not in Colombia, not in Mali. Only in China and in Russia and against Pakistani militants will Biden continue to denounce human rights violations for decades and under the guise of this decade, American imperialist terrorism will continue.

US Foreign Policy and Its Domestic Crisis: Biden has been taking a keen interest in foreign affairs throughout his long political journey, but for now his focus will be on resolving internal crises (at least in 2021). It is also possible that Trump’s proposed national evacuation plan from Afghanistan and Iraq will continue to be implemented and that the agreements will be revised to some extent after overcoming the internal crisis. The United States is facing three crises in early 2021. Have a deep connection with each other. The epidemic crisis that has been going on for a year and as a result of which it is expected that millions of Americans will have died in March, April and many millions will have contracted the disease. The virus is emerging in the form of new germs and it is not clear whether the vaccines that have been invented can be effective against all types of viruses and whether new germs will continue to emerge despite the vaccine but scientists expect Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the summer months.

Will the epidemic return by next winter? No one can say that medicine, which is an ignorant science, has been creating new germs by itself. Biden will try to address the mismanagement of the vaccination campaign and its management, which is made up of experienced advisers. The effects will be significant, and this year the epidemic is expected to be largely controlled in the United States (although there is no guarantee that this or other epidemics will not occur later. Keep popping up).

Economic Crisis: The US economy is in crisis due to the spread of Code 19. About 10 million Americans have lost their jobs. The gross domestic product (GDP) rate has been negative in 2020. Small businesses are rapidly going bankrupt in some industries (construction, air and land communications, restaurants, entertainment). Poverty rate has increased. Today, about 70 million Americans suffer from malnutrition, but this crisis is very different from the crisis of 2009-2011. The banking system is stable, the stock market is not in turmoil, and the US economy is expected to overcome these difficulties soon. Average wages have fallen sharply in 2020 and new jobs are being created rapidly. Consumer spending fell marginally by only 2.8% in 2020. Gross U.S. revenue in 2020 was 4.3 percent higher than in 2019. Trump approved about$.4 trillion in government spending in 2020 to run the economy. In January 2001, Biden sought congressional approval to release more $. 1.9 trillion in government spending. This is a huge amount (about 15% of the total projected US GDP and all of this can be met by borrowing from the government).

Political Crisis: The 2020 election has exposed the reality of democracy to a large segment of the American people, meaning that the democratic process usually results in the establishment coming to power and only in exceptional periods does public mobilization work. The Nazi philosopher Schmidt called such exceptions “exceptional states.” Trump tried to establish an exceptional state in the United States, which was thwarted by the establishment through a democratic process. Trump received 46 percent of the vote in 2020, and today about 37 percent of Americans believe the election was rigged and that Biden has been rigged to become president. This is the first step towards realizing the essence of democracy. The people should be persuaded to accept the policy priorities of the Establishment through the democratic process. That is what democratic freedom means, the enslavement of capital. The establishment will work hard to eradicate that feeling, but the problem is that the future of the Republican Party depends on keeping that feeling alive, and that’s why it will use the Senate and governance as much as possible to thwart Biden’s policies. The atmosphere is very conducive for Trump or his successor to defeat the Establishment again in the 2022 and 2024 elections by stirring up the same sense of deprivation and anger of the people.

The expectation is that American social divisions will widen and the legitimacy of American political action will weaken. The United States may temporarily overcome its epidemic and economic crises, but its growing political and social crisis will continue to wreak havoc. The duration of this political and social crisis must be long. This is a story of centuries, not two, four years, and throughout this time America will continue its terrorism in poor countries like a savage beast. He does not dare to fight a direct war with Russia or China, but these three imperialist powers are experts in proxy wars. The American establishment will continue these proxy wars in the hope that the savage American nation will support them and unite at least temporarily. Nowadays, Imran Khan’s government is trying to restore the consultative editorial structure that was in place during the Obama era and which provided the United States with ample opportunities for sabotage in every sector of the Pakistani government. If that happens, the tyrannical grip of US imperialism on Pakistani politics, economy and society will become even stronger.


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