Japan and Pakistan’s economy

Japan and Pakistan's economy

Japan and Pakistan’s economy

Islamabad … News Time

The unexpected Embassy of Pakistan was full of Japanese businessmen, the Japanese Ministry of Finance and the officials of trade institutions, Ambassador to Pakistan Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, handling the function of hosting ceremony in Japanese language, removes the difficulties of Japanese businessmen. Because the Japanese language is not considered less than a blessing for the Japanese people and fortunately, Ambassador Pakistan also have special skills in Japanese language, At present, Embassy of India, Japan Foreign Trade Organization and the Bank of Tokyo Matsubishi UFJ Pakistan was part of the main seminar on the topic of trade and investment, It was not the first time, such seminars were held in the past but despite the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan, the participation of such a number of major Japanese enterprises was not surprising instead, it was also aware that how important is Pakistan for the world, Japan’s big companies want to invest in Pakistan to join this important seminar, the board of investment was invited to Director General Shah Jahan Shah while Japan’s leading company Marubeni Corporation and Chairman of Corporation Marubeni Mr. Teruo Asada, who was also chairman of the Japan Business Coordination Committee, Japan. While chairman of Japan, Pakistan Association Mr. Representatives of JETRO and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi including Shun Imaizumi were also involved in the answers to Japanese investors’ questions,

It was a very positive event for Pakistan, with only 130 Japanese personalities, but 103 Japanese businesses were present of which only 30 institutions have started investing in Pakistan, Pakistan can be economically beneficial. After the event, the question-makers started their efforts to make the investors satisfied but one question was on everybody’s that economic changes in government’s short-term economic policies are extremely dangerous for foreign investors. The government’s economic policies should be for the long term, while the Board of Investment, which attracts investors from investors across the world to Pakistan, It should also be empowered, Talking to Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, he described it as a successful event. But Pakistan’s ground realities, as well, foreign investors look at investing. The message of weakness of government has gone to the whole world, whatever happened in Islamabad in recent days,

On the other hand, such a major investment institution in Pakistan needs a big change in the Board of Investment; the educated youth will be required to provide language and moral training to different countries. So that whenever they have the chance to attend seminars in another country, they have basic information regarding the language of this country, be aware of their ethics and morals, He is fully aware of government policies for investment in Pakistan, By personality, they are impressive, not only by taking such a crucial position based on asset and relationship, will only have to avoid harming the domestic treasures, and this important institution will also be able to avoid the destruction, go into more detail. Without this I will just remove this topic by saying this that in the right place, in the right place, the right person will not be in Pakistan, Pakistan’s problems will not be resolved nor the country will be able to develop.

There is no difference between the establishment of Japan and Pakistan. Many historians determine the age of Japan since the reconstruction of Japan after the Second World War, while Pakistan was also present in that era. However, since the establishment of both the countries, there is a difference between earth and sky in the economy and public standard of the two countries, In the past 70 years of Japan, Japan emerged as the second largest economy which is now the third largest economy since China, Japan’s current annual income is more than $ 40,000 while Japan’s only previous year’s exports were $ 620 billion and imports of $ 580 billion were recorded, Even though the population of Japan is only 1.5 million people out of which 35 percent of people are over 60 years old – older people are a third of Japan’s population but despite this, there was no decline in Japan’s economy. The latest figures are not surprising, but only Japan, but the latest figures regarding the economy of the countries around the world while Pakistan is very frustrating for us, as a nation we should know where we stand.

Governments coming to the country for the last few decades have led to the slogan of promoting Pakistan as well as in the hands of beautiful slogans and dreams to increase the exports of the country. But after seeing the economy around the world, when we look at our country, it looks very frustration, at present; our neighbor country is China in the first half of the world’s highest exports worldwide the total export record was over $ 2 billion last year after which the United States is the total exports of $ 1470 billion whereas the third country, only 8 million, is the European country whose total exports were recorded $ 1283 billion, Japan is ranked fourth with its $ 620 billion and India is ranked 17th in global rankings. Its exports are $ 271 billion while the country with only 85 million population of Israel, which has touched the entire Muslim world alone, Its exports are more than $ 67 billion, Bangladesh exports also reached $ 31 billion, and today Bangladesh is ranked 61th worldwide, While Pakistan is only 67 billion in the world with just $ 23 billion exports so, countries like Bangladesh have already left us, there is only one reason why there is a problem of Pakistan and its solution is to put the right person in the right place, This is one thing of our national disease that only to be implemented so, over half of Pakistan’s problems can be resolved in a very short time.


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