Israel of violating Syria’s sovereignty: Russia, Approval of construction of 2200 houses in West Jordan

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu approves construction of 2200 houses under construction projects in different western cities

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu approves construction of 2200 houses under construction projects in different western cities

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Russia criticizes the Soviet state on aerial attacks in Syria Tel Aviv has claimed responsibility for the Syria’s autonomy. According to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, the latest Israeli air strikes in Damascus are similar to the attack on Syria’s autonomy. The statement added that Russia is deeply concerned about the bombardment of Israeli army in Syria and this move is based on Lebanon’s sovereignty.

It is believed that Russia has come in a statement on the other hand; there is a heavy deal of Russian army in Syria for the defense of Assad regime. Also, the number of Iranian Shiite militias is also active in saving Assad’s regime in Syria. On Tuesday evening, official media claimed Syria amissile fired by Israel has been destroyed in Damascus’s atmosphere. According to official media, a missile fired by Israel was destroyed while Israel has accused a Syrian missile missile fired from Syria; it was destroyed in the atmosphere.

Russian Defense Minister warned in a statement that Israeli attacks on Damascus could threaten citizenship. Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov said by the Israeli army the attack in Syria is an intuitive attempt to provoke propaganda and civilian planets. Meanwhile, Lebanese also condemned the use of air strikes during Israeli attacks on Syria. Lebanon has announced to take up the matter of violating the air boundaries of Israel’s hands in the Security Council.

On the other hand, the Israeli government has approved construction of 2200 houses under construction projects in various cities of the occupied West Bank of Palestine. According to Israeli newspapers ‘Times of Israel’, Israel’s Supreme Construction Council on Tuesday allowed a temporary construction of 744 houses during a closed-room meeting. Under the project, north-east Ramullah’s “Ofra” and “Halamish” north-west Al Khaleel’s’ Udvada ”, South Khaled’s’ ” Tene” the ‘Ma’ale Michmash’ of Northern Al-Quds, the northwest of Al-Quds ” ” Givat Ze’ev the North Ne Khaleel ‘Carmei Tzur’ of Western Bethlehem’s “Beit Haggai” and “Shiloh” of North Al-Quds, will be constructed in Jewish colonies of northern Bethlehem.

According to the News reports, 16 projects will be constructed in the western part of the wall distance in 23 construction projects in 23 construction projects. It is believed that the announcement of construction of new houses for Jewish settlers in Palestine has been done at a time on the other hand, Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced parliamentarian elections on April 9 next year by dissolution of the parliament. Observers have declared the announcement of construction of thousands of houses in the West Jordan, as a political bribe of the present government.


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