Israel is a terrorist state

Israel is a terrorist state

Israel is a terrorist state

Karachi … News Time

Israel’s brutality and brutal aggression in Gaza has put an end to oppression. On this occasion, the indifference of the international community and the Muslim Ummah has also come to the fore. Unarmed Palestinians are defending themselves with stones, while Israeli ammunition, tanks and warplanes are being used against them. The whole world is watching these scenes. The Israeli move falls into the category of war crimes. The massacre of innocent Palestinian children, the elderly, the young and the women is clear evidence that the state of Israel has now emerged as a terrorist state around the world that was created illegally by the efforts of the United States and Britain. Now that Israeli tanks are ready to enter Gaza and a formal UN Security Council meeting has not yet begun, heavy bombardment has turned Palestinian homes into rubble. As many as 160 warplanes are engaged in air strikes, acknowledging that the state of Israel, which was created illegally seven decades ago, was founded by David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel himself and Israel’s first prime minister. Had the leader never compromised with Israel, it is a fact that we snatched his country from him, although it is true that we belong to Israel, but it is 2,000 years old.

What do the Palestinians have to do with it now? The anti-Semitic movement in the world, Hitler, Nazi and Ash Whitner, of course, has been, but the Palestinians are not responsible for it at all. How will they acknowledge this? These views of David Ben-Gurion have been prominently published by Professor Stephen Walt in his book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, yet the world knows that the world powers continue to support Israel and Then the Arab countries have given military bases to the United States on their own land because these countries have monarchies and the rulers maintain their power under the shadow of the United States and at the same time Israel has been declared on their land both openly and secretly. Most of the royal families of the Muslim world have also established their ties with Israel. Recently, some Islamic states and Arab countries formally declared their recognition of Israel. US policy was at work in this whole diplomatic process. Now, it should be noted that Israel is playing with fire and blood in Gaza. In response, the Arab and Muslim states, which have established diplomatic relations with Israel, immediately announced the severance, but unfortunately there has been no protest response from these countries. , While in the major cities of Britain and the United States, there is a strong public reaction against Israel’s atrocities.

Thousands of citizen’s protest outside the Israeli embassy in London every day and the protests are growing by the day. British citizens also march on the streets of London to protest against Israeli atrocities. A large number of Palestinians are being martyred as a result of Israeli attacks, including large numbers of children and women. Children’s schools and hospitals in the Gaza Strip have been badly affected. Palestinian mosques in particular are also being targeted. If the Israeli aggression continues somehow, this tragedy will escalate and there are fears that a major war could engulf the world. The international community must come forward and play its part in stopping this Israeli aggression. Sustainable peace in Palestine is impossible unless Israel abandons its policy of state terrorism, with diplomatic fronts on the world stage, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Speaking on the telephone, he said that the international community should work together to teach Israel a lesson. Israel’s brutality in Palestine demands that the Palestinian people be helped in every way possible. A temporary ceasefire will not solve the problem. In order to find a permanent solution, the world powers will have to change their attitude and take practical steps to establish a free and independent Palestine. The OIC, an organization of 57 Muslim countries, also needs to play its part. Apart from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and the United Arab Emirates are among the countries that need to play their part in this regard.

Israel’s anti-Muslim sentiment has grown to the point where it has secured access to Israel, India and Afghanistan. The Israeli Mossad has expanded its network in India and is active in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s nuclear power is in no way being digested by the Western powers or Israel, especially Israel is afraid of Pakistan’s nuclear program. Imagine that in the 1982s, the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli Border Guard propagated that plastic plastic toys made by Pakistan had been seized in a refugee camp in Israel. These toys are being used as time bombs.

On the other hand, just look at the diplomacy of the illegitimate state of Israel, which had established large Mossad networks in its embassies in Washington DC, Canada, West Germany and Australia. A similar network was set up at the Israeli embassy in London on June 17, 1988, during the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s reign, when the British intelligence agencies MI6 and MI5 set up the network. The British government had ordered five Israeli diplomats to leave the UK, declaring them undesirable, following the revelation that they had been involved in the assassination, kidnapping and other acts of terrorism. Israel, which emerged as an illegitimate state, was fully sponsored by the United States, and other Western powers besides the United States are still standing behind this illegitimate state, which is now a terrorist state throughout the world. It has become a security threat. The oppression and cruelty of the Palestinians has reached its climax. Unless the civilized societies of the world unite and raise their voices against Israeli terrorism, this illegitimate state will continue to spread terrorism all over the world.

The Western powers must now think that the vast majority of the people are now taking to the streets against Israel’s atrocities and that this lava is slowly melting. If the protests of the people do not engulf their rulers, the Western powers backing Israel want to maintain peace and security in the world and save the world from another world war, then brutality and oppression in Palestine. And play your part in ending violence.


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