Iran vs Israel – Military Power Comparison

According to observers, Israel has achieved superiority on the basis of weapons and innovative technology

According to observers, Israel has achieved superiority on the basis of weapons and innovative technology

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In the case of war, whose flame will be heavy in both the rival countries? In the year 1979, in the Islamic Revolution which is spreading in Iran, Iran’s slogan for liberating the Jerusalem and with full support, the Palestinian support and the policy of enmity with Iran was adopted. In the same period, Iran established the Askari Wing Jerusalem abroad of the Guantanamo Revolution. Today its head is General Qasem Soleimani. This organization is currently fighting with other Shiite militant groups in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

In the era of President Ronald Reagan in the US in 1985 Iran acquired the weapons made by Israel under a deal with the United States. Under the agreement, the US gave the Israeli missile defense system “Tao” to Iran and replaced 5 Americans hosted by Lebanon. A report published on Persian Sputnik’s websites Persian Edition in the ongoing release in Tehran and Tel Aviv. This has shown that Iran and Israel are moving towards war. Syria’s frontier can become a new blend of war between the two countries. During recent times, Israel has bombarded Iran’s goals in a rare and unpopular manner. This bombardment has further increased the risk of war between Iran and the Soviet Union. According to the reports of the report, Russian President Vladimir Mir Putin is well aware of this concern which is in the case of the possibility of war between Iran and Israel in Syria. The prospects of mutual fighting between Iran and Israel are also increasing that some regional forces and the US are continuing to increase pressure on Tehran’s growing influence in the Middle East. Al Arabiya has reviewed the war capability of both countries in terms of the underlying risks of war between Iran and Israel, as follows.

Israelis badly impossible to reach Iran:

According to the Russian news agency, if Iran and Israel have a war, then in such a situation it is difficult for the bad army of Israel to reach Iran. War will be limited to air strikes and missile attacks. However, it may include Israeli Navy. According to a Global Firepower report, according to a report from Iran and Tel Aviv, the defense capabilities of both the countries have been reviewed. According to the Web site, Iran’s population is 8.2 million, while Israel’s population is less than 83 million, less than one crore. Iran’s defense budget is 6 billion $ 30 million, while the defense budget of the Soviet state is $ 20 billion.

Iron Dome System:

Iran’s officially armed forces consist of 534,000 personnel, while the number of Israel’s army personnel is 170000. Iran has 1650 tanks and 2760 tanks with Israel. If the air force is reviewed, Iran has 505 war planes and 596 warheads of Israel. Iran has 398 naval squads, while Israel has 65.

Israeli F 35 aircraft:

Iran is also difficult to start a ground war against Israel. Iraq is among the two countries. Thus, it is difficult to carry weapons, evil forces and other warriors for Iran directly for a bad fight. On the other hand, Israel can not enter its bad army in Iran. In the event of war, Israel will focus on deeply missiles and air strikes inside Iran. On the other hand, Iran can use its allies in Hizbullah and Hamas in the region for rocket attacks on Israel. Many countries will allow Israel to use its air limits, but it will be difficult for Iran to do so. Most of the war planes of Iran do not even have the ability to fly over.

Iran’s Defense Production:

Iran prepares a number of military weapons against itself. Her own arms are ships like HESA Azarakhsh Combat Aircraft, Saegheh and Trinidad. These are designed according to the old models of the 1980s and 1990s. Israel has warheads ranging from 100 to 500, which has 50 thousand megawatts of power. In addition, Israel successfully completed a ballistic missile named Jerkoo B2 in 1989 and then this weapon is included in his weapon.

Iranian military’s F-4 Phantom aircraft.

According to the Sputnik website, Israel has targeted several targets in the Iran with Jericho B2 missiles missiles. However, the history of these goals and attacks is not clear. In r years, there have been reports of attacks on some types of specialties in Iran. Iran imposed responsibility for the attacks, but Israel kept silent on it. Israel has a missile defense system like a war plane and an Iron Dome capable of going nuclear warhead. This is designed to save Hizbullah and Hamas rockets.

According to observers, Israel has achieved superiority on the basis of weapons and innovative technology.


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