International Criminal Court should investigate Israel’s war crimes

Israel's war crimes against Palestine must be investigated

Israel’s war crimes against Palestine must be investigated

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Representatives of human rights groups have called on US President Joe Biden to lift sanctions imposed on officials by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The delegates also called for an investigation into Israel’s war crimes against Palestine. According to Arab News, the ICC was established in 2002 under the Rome Statute of the United Nations, which was enacted in 1998. This court is based on the legal precedents set during the Nuremberg trials after World War II and on which the Nazis were convicted of war crimes. 123 countries are part of the International Criminal Court, but more than 40 countries, including the United States and Israel, have refused to do so because of an investigation into Israel’s military policies. Katherine Gallagher, a senior staff lawyer at the Center for Constitutional Rights, and human rights activists from around the world took part in an online panel on Thursday. The online meeting was hosted by the Foundation for the Middle East Peace and its president, Lara Friedman. Dr. Michael Kearney, a legal researcher for the Palestinian human rights agency Al-Haq in Ramallah, said: That the United States is expressing its intention to return. However, he is doing so in order to remove Palestine from the agenda of the Human Rights Council. Former US President Donald Trump removed the United States from the Human Rights Council in 2018. However, Biden’s secretary of state, Antony Blinken, told the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday that the United States would like to return to the council in 2022.

Antony Blinken said the Human Rights Council should support those who fight injustice and oppression.

Trump’s sanctions on the International Criminal Court and mixed signals from the Biden administration have not stopped the International Criminal Court from investigating Israel’s war crimes allegations in Palestine. On February 5, the International Criminal Court found that the court’s jurisdiction included Israeli-administered territories such as Gaza and the West Bank. Lara Friedman said that since then, the door has been opened for an investigation into allegations of war crimes against Israel. The panel agreed that Israel was involved in political policies that could prevent Palestine from gaining security rights.


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