India will play “Hindu Card” Nepal’s anger to remove

Nepal's growing proximity to China has strengthened Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Nepal’s growing proximity to China has strengthened Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Indian analysts revealed that the growing proximity to Nepal’s China has strengthened Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So now they have decided to play Nepal’s “Hindu Card” to remove Nepal’s annoyance. In this regard, he has consulted his National Security Advisor Ajit Doval for a long time. In the early stages of his visit to Ajmal Doval, Ajit Doval will participate as a special actor of “Ram Jane Babwa Punjami” of Modi “Ram and Sita”.Narendra Modi, Senier leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party will enter the railway from Bihar, according to the Times of India. And singing “Rama Ji” will go to the Sita temple in Nepal and will marry “Ram and Sita” with Nepali Hindu community, which is the purpose of giving Nepalis a message to Nepalese Hindus.

According to the Indian Times, the Indian Foreign Minister and the Indian Holi Commissioner deployed in Kathmandu, Modi visits Nepal to engage in diplomatic efforts to make success. A Nepali Bureaucrat Kailash Adhikari has said that the Nepalese government is looking at the rivalry of the country and the people rather than its past. One of the main reasons for this change was the India’s grip proceedings in India by 2016, which has convinced the Nepali public and the government that India is not a good friend of Nepal. Therefore, the Nepali government has made new agreements with China on commercial military and energy projects which will provide unmanned petroleum products to China, Nepal and the necessary weapons and under defense treaties, Nepal will also provide necessary military hardware. This leads to severe discomfort in Indian Rivers.

Kathmandu Post said Nepali Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli has given Chinese government company China Gezhouba Group a major hydro power project and dam contract, which has troubled New Delhi. According to the Nepali media, this $ 250 billion project is “Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project” Nepal’s largest hydropower project. This will make 2001 MW highly affordable electricity. It is clear that Nepal’s former Indian Prime Minister and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced this project to build with the help of Indian companies. Nepali journalist Muliya Bahadur Thapa has said that during a few months Chennai organizations have strengthened their ties with Nepal. The people sitting in New Delhi are embarrassed. The Nepali government has been implementing the implementation of at least four ports from the Chinese government and three driving ports. Nepal used to send 98 percent of its goods, from Kolkata port to foreign countries for decades. But now the Chinese government has relied on Nepal’s dependence on India and has dragged it through the Modi government’s piles. That is why Modi will go to Nepal in a form of Hindu and there will try to restore and restore relations with the people by declaring the people their “Hindu Bhai”.At the beginning of this visit in December; Indian Prime Minister Modi will also offer three layers of railway lines to discount prices. On the other hand, the Situations of China Marxist Post have written that the Chinese government has written written circular to deliver 7 sugar ports from Nepal’s Blackmail to the use of Nepali companies and government.


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