In the 2017 report of US Department of Defense, 6182 cases file of sexual abusive in US military

25 years old Maria Frances Lauterbach

25 years old Maria Frances Lauterbach

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25 years old Maria Frances Lauterbach, was employed in the US military. It was deployed on Marine Base of North Carolina, from where he disappeared on December 14, 2007. On January 11, 2008, the police discovered her bodyguard from the previous courtyard of her Commanding Officer Lauren’s house. Maria Frances Lauterbach was pregnant 8 months of post mortum report. Her stepmother said that Maria Frances Lauterbach had told her a short while before her commanding officer had sexually abused. But the military administration did not take any action even after reporting it. Maria Frances Lauterbach’s mother said that Maria Frances Lauterbach had applied for her twenty-five exchanges due to the risk of sexual harassment and abuse some time ago. If it was believed in his words, he would not have been raped nor killed. Remember that there are thousands of sexual violence, abuses, rapes, and sexually harassment every year in the US military.

According to a report published in 2017 of the US Department of Defense, in the US, 6182 cases of abusive sexual abuse in the US were filmed. It’s almost two times compared to 2012 when 3604 cases were reported. According to the Pentagon report, American military women are more vulnerable to the risk of rap than peers and officers than in the deaths of enemy attacks. The United States’s only super power, the American world-developed and decent nation is circular. The American army with state-of-art technology and the latest military resources consist of 1.5 million people. This is the world’s most powerful and organized institution.

Helen Benedict. Professor of Journalism and author of over 10 books posted in Iraq and Afghanistanthe author of the book Soldier the Lonely depicts the unusual attitude of American soldiers. It is written that the reason for the abusive sexual abuse in the US military is a serious culture of hatred from women. The author informed the military women about 5 female women deployed in Iraq in the book. Helen Benedict says that there were a number of prostitutes in Vietnam, which were not in Iraq, so women’s soldiers were sent to Iraq. Remember, sexual abuse is not only women but also male soldiers are suffering from it. For example, according to the annual report of US Department of Defense, more than 108,000 American soldiers and men remain in different sexually violent violence in 2010.More than 68 thousand at least once again turned to military clinics to overcome the resulting mental and physical discomfort.

Sadly and serious, it is that this sexual abuse is equal to the extent of not being reported to authorities. One estimate is only one of the 5 women, while a 15 male man reports his top officials report abuse. It is very important that more than 90% complaints are rejected and only 8% of the cases are investigated, of which only 2% are. The question is that why the military like the US do not want to report these incidents? Why are the complaints rejected by the report? More than this, why did not the world’s powerfulest military force overcome the tendency of sexual violence? A report on Human Rights Watch, published on May 18, 2015, has been quoted as a survey of US Department of Defense. 62% of the sexual assault victims last year, who reported their abuse, He says that he had to face revenge in the form of hostility and evil attitude, his companions’ humor, behavioral action or punishment in return for complaint. The number of victims of sexual assault leaves the army. Remember that only present service personnel were included in this survey. Those women and gentlemen, who were forced to leave the army or forced them to leave the army, were not included. According to the report, the number of people who suffer from revenge will be more than that. The majority of women suffering from abortion do not report these incidents due to the same fear of revenge but the PTSD is pointered with POST TRAUMATIC STRESS and DISORDER, which affects their performance in the army.

According to former US Defense Minister Leon Panetta, every year, 19,000 male and female women suffer sexual attacks, out of which 3200 reports are reported. According to 2010 data, 3198 cases were processed and sentences were only 244 the sentences on which attacks are given are less than one (three) 1.3 percent less than the total number. Awarding Wing Director Kirby Dick made a documentary on American sexual abuse incidents in 2012 as The Invisible War which stirred in political circles with journalism. Analysts say the culture of sexual violence and abuses in the US military has already begun those who have the patronage of military leadership and are tolerated in silence. They also say that more painful aspects than sexual attacks are the behavior adopted by the top officials of the army. In which the complainant is found guilty of being punished.

An interesting situation came when the 28 soldiers in September 2011, who claimed that they were raped during the military service, at this time, the defense minister Rumsfeld did a direct trial. The madrassa said that the negligence of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense is responsible for not being punished by these criminals; As a result, the culture of the Rap is promoting the army. The main thing is also that the court refused to hear the case, which got the title named Cocia vs Rumsfield. In 2013, Jeffrey Krusinski, head of the Office of Prevention of Sexual Aid of Prevention in the Pentagon in Pentagon, was arrested by the police in connection with the sexual assault on a woman in the parking lot in Arlington, later Juji made it worse. In the last three decades, a number of great scandals came in In which sexually abused men are forced to ignore them by the high leadership of the army and reject the complaint of the victims as well as to threaten the complaints of self-complainants. In addition, there are also numerous incidents of complaints from the grievances to withdraw from the army, reducing their design or to promoting propaganda. This is the fact that preventing such incidents is not possible and most people do not report these incidents due to the end of their jobs.

The 1991 -92 Tailhook scandals was well-known in relation to sexual abuse in which during the September 8 to September 12, during his symposium on the first Gulf War in Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, 83 of his men and 7 male soldiers attacked his own 100 companions. The evidence of these attacks was present in pictures and videos. It was the only scandal which was not only given to the responsible criminals, but the officers who did not try to stop them, many of them were eliminated by long-term career punishments. In 2003, a US Air Force scandal also defamed the American Air Force in which Air Force women contacted officials Bara via an unknown email. Later, 12 percent of the Aerial Force’s men claimed that their senior officers targeted sex abuse. But the biggest scandal of this series is the Aberdeen Grand Scandal of 1996 in which more than 100 present service officers were prosecuted, and several officers were also convicted after being convicted. Rear Adm Ann Burkhardt, director of the organization of the protection of sex attacks in the U.S. Army, It is said that sexual assault violates our military values ​​and should not be tolerated. In recent years, new legislation has been made in the US, especially after the case of Maria Frances Lauterbach, the complaint was felt seriously. This reported abusive cases reporting, the trial of complaints and the number of court martial increases has increased but still the US military could not get out of this problem. An interesting but unfortunate thing is that these incidents are not seen in the context of violence against women or rights of females. Increasing sexual violence is not only the US military but most of the world’s societies. Remember that due to the rising rape events in India, Delhi is also called the Rapid Capital of the World. Helen Benedict says government policy makers and media will have to play their role in order to get rid of this problem. They also say journalists should lighten up the issue with new angle, such as portrait literature and websites responsible for the worldwide violence of American army and society.


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