Imran Khan is today’s Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

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On his return from a successful visit to Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, in direct contact with the people, reiterated his clear commitment that he would not leave the national looters as long as he was alive. With the passage of time, I will continue to bring the Sharif family and their loved ones to their end. Shahbaz Sharif is trying to flee the country. The mafia taking advantage of the corrupt system does not want the rule of law! Those who drove Shahbaz Sharif out of the country and those who ran away from the country were told by those who were sitting in these institutions, those who came back to Pakistan in the lure of becoming the Prime Minister should run away, Imran Khan has seen the blood that you shed in power Intoxicated Model Town was flooded with innocent citizens. He was running away but Imran Khan thwarted his attempt. Let’s see whether the leaders of Pakistan’s justice system support the pirates or the watchmen of Pakistan. But it is an indisputable fact that Imran Khan in Pakistan today is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Who said that I will sacrifice my family for the greatness of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the well-being of the people and he sacrificed his family with himself, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto accepted the throne but his He did not bow his head to any Western tyrant and national oppressor. He had won the war against oppression and justice system, so the patriotic Pakistani is still alive in the hearts of Pakistanis and the oppressive Western slave of the time with all his desires. I was smoked and buried forever with my name!

The Pakistan People’s Party is basically a loyal political party of Pakistan. Whatever accusations of self-righteousness or dishonesty are leveled at former President Asif Ali Zardari by his opponents, they have their place, but Asif Ali Zardari followed in the footsteps of the martyrs of the Pakistan People’s Party, even in the most difficult circumstances. Only the Nawaz Sharif family has this honor. Asif Ali Zardari has always chanted the slogan of Pakistan Khepa because his thinking is related to the soil of Pakistan. But his son Bilawal Zardari sat down with the PML-N at their parties and ate with them and painted these melons on himself which is why he is said to be so unwittingly saying that he is with Maryam Nawaz. Imran suffers from phobia. His criticism of the official visit to Saudi Arabia is incomprehensible. The PML-N is speaking against Pakistan while staying in Pakistan and Bilawal is speaking against those who support Pakistan in the most difficult circumstances. What did I get for Pakistan except Zakat and rice?

In PML-N’s love for Imran Khan, his hatred has its place, but why doesn’t he blindly think that his statement is not only an insult to Pakistan-Saudi Arabia friendship but also a mockery of Saudi Arabia. Why doesn’t Bilawal Zardari think what effect such statements will have on his own political future in international relations with national and foreign affairs due to his low level of thinking, if PML-N’s Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Saying that Bilawal is a political minor is not wrong! Demonstrating moral courage, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said, “I support Imran Khan’s statement in which he said that the question of dialogue with India does not arise until Article 370 is abolished.” Shahid Khaqan Abbasi also condemned the statement of Javed Latif. This is the glory of national leadership.

Condemning the atrocities against civilians in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine, Imran Khan said that the West was encouraging India to compete with China and therefore remained silent on the atrocities against unarmed Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir. The public reaction of a single country against the atrocities and barbarism in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine and the strong condemnation of Muslim countries will not affect the evil thinking of India and Israel. The Islamic world must adopt a joint strategy with Turkey and Saudi Arabia to openly demonstrate religious solidarity!


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