If ever go to Germany, do not ever snap in a single pause, it will be immediately arrested because …

Former German dictator Adolf Hitler-style salute while photos

Former German dictator Adolf Hitler-style salute while photos

Berlin … News Time

If you ever go to Germany, make pictures to save the memories of her favorite, But remember that when making images, do not make mistakes that two unfortunate Chinese people were arrested and were arrested on the spot. The Chinese citizens were painting in a public place in the style of former German dictator Adolf Hitler while photographing the police with a handful of hands. According to the Daily Mail report, the two men were present in front of the German parliament and Hitler was making pictures of each other while slitting. Police arrested on the routine patrol, arrested him on the spot. Police say that the people aged 36 and 49 years old and they have been arrested for the prohibited work. Remember that Hitler’s Silite was a distinctive style of German dictator Adolf Hitler’s slit. They used to carry out the greetings of the army by slipping their right arm straight forward in front of them. Like the other dictatorship related to malicious dictatorship, the German nation is hoping to keep Hitler’s Silit from its collective memory. According to the German law, Hitler’s Silite is a serious crime, which is a sentence of 3 years imprisonment and heavy penalties.


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