If came out from govt, I will be more dangerous for you, Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Islamabad … News Time

Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the opposition parties that if I get out of the government it will be more dangerous for you and if I get out on the streets there will be no place for you to hide because people have recognized you. He said this while talking to the people directly through telephone calls in connection with “Your Prime Minister with you”.Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to the nation said that for a long time I could not talk to you, in principle I should speak in Parliament but unfortunately the opposition does not allow me to speak in Parliament. “There are people in parliament seeking NROs. If you do not meet their demands, they will not allow you to speak,” he said. He said that Pakistan is the name of a great dream. Allama Iqbal dreamed of Pakistan to become a state which would let the world know what a real welfare state is. The Prime Minister said that in the last few days, when I wrote an article on the subject of the state of Madinah, my opponents criticized me for hiding behind religion. I did not need to get involved in politics. He said that for the purpose for which we built the country, unless we follow this purpose we can not progress.

Answering a question on inflation, the Prime Minister said, “I am aware of inflation. It is something that wakes me up many times at night. He said that the rupee was burdened by the largest current account deficit in the history of Pakistan left by the previous government, which led to sharp rise in inflation. Continuing, he said that due to the Corona epidemic, the shortage of supply has caused inflation all over the world. Inflation is not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world. He said that wage earners in Pakistan have been affected by inflation but farmers have prospered, demand of working class has increased, record growth has been achieved in many sectors and corporate sector has earned record profits.

The Prime Minister further said that there are many good journalists in Pakistan who give awareness to the people but unfortunately there are some people who only spread frustration. The Prime Minister said that the corporate sector has made a profit of 980 billion and I would call them and ask them to increase the salaries of their staff because you have never made such a profit before today. In response to a question, he said that since our government came there have been four crises in which the biggest crisis was that Pakistan was bankrupt; we did not have the money to pay the loan installments and foreign exchange. The reserves of were the lowest while the revolving debt of electricity was 480 billion so in such circumstances we were trying to stabilize the country. He said that we had successfully stabilized the country when Corona came, this is the biggest crisis in the world in 100 years and then the wave of inflation came and it is difficult everywhere. Imran Khan said that when the new government came in Afghanistan, people started buying dollars and from here they bought dollars and sent them to Afghanistan which put pressure on our rupee. These four crises were not met by any government.

One caller appealed for a relief package for the catering, restaurant, etc. industry affected by Corona, to which the Prime Minister said that Corona’s variant Omicron is expanding rapidly but we did not close our business, we did Corona. There is no lockdown on the spread on which the world today gives our example. “The lower class has suffered the most from Corona and the richest class has benefited the most, so we have to keep a balance, we have to wear masks everywhere so that there is no pressure on our hospitals,” he said. Grow up and inshallah we will get out of the fifth wave of code too. When a caller asked about the news circulating in the media regarding the imposition of emergency or the presidential system, Imran Khan replied that I had said in my first speech after becoming the Prime Minister that you should hear a lot of noise. You will find that the country has been destroyed, they are incompetent, I consider it jihad to stand against these vile people. He said that I do not want to reconcile with them, they have to blackmail us so that they can get NRO somehow like Pervez Musharraf had given. What was done by giving NRO to them and today the nation is paying the price because half of the money we collect from taxes goes to pay off their debts. He said that giving NRO to these two families is the biggest betrayal of the country, they have spread chaos, and they say poverty has increased but according to the World Bank poverty has decreased.

The Prime Minister said that barriers to business in the private sector have been removed, there are 324 projects in the construction industry in which 3 million houses are being built, 30 industries are connected to it and that is why the growth rate has increased. “We will collect more than Rs 6,000 billion in taxes, I promised to collect Rs 8,000 billion in taxes and we will collect more than that,” he said. He said that criticism is a good thing but one thing is propaganda and fake news. These are not politicians, they are mafias. Imran Khan said that the people sitting in the media are constantly spreading frustration with him. My question to him is what the answer to this question is. If conditions were so bad the country should have gone bankrupt and unemployment should have risen. He said that employment is increasing, poverty is decreasing, the country’s wealth is also increasing, the country’s taxes are also being collected more so what is the disappointment and Bloomberg predicts that Pakistan is right.

Asked about the failure of a caller to deliver justice in the country, Imran Khan said, “I never said that milk canals would suddenly flow here. The state of Madinah will not be formed in a day. But for that we have to follow the model made by the Holy Prophet. He said that they tell me that you do not shake hands with the Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif but I consider Shahbaz Sharif not the Leader of the Opposition but the culprit of the nation. The Leader of the Opposition has a very high status. Yes, but that speech is not a job application. “I am ready to talk to everyone, this is what democracy means, whether anyone agrees with me or not, but the day I reconcile with the criminals, I will betray this country and Allah,” he said. Asked about the long march of the opposition, Imran Khan said that the people were driven out by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto or the public came out with me, the public is not foolish.

The Prime Minister claimed that our government will complete its term this time and will complete its term next time also because no government has got the challenges that we had. He warned the opposition parties that if I left the government, I would be more dangerous for you. I was still sitting quietly. If I took to the streets, there would be no place for you to hide because people have recognized you.


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