How to make Israel High-tech military power?

 India is now buying more than one billion dollars of weapons every year from Israel

India is now buying more than one billion dollars of weapons every year from Israel

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This is a matter of 1950, the Jewish state of Israel, its first commercial mission, sent to Argentina, South American state, Argentina. Then Israel was established 2 years old. The Israeli government was seeking trade partners around the world so that they could increase their income. Most of Israel contains desert. There can not be a leaf there. The state was also deprived of natural resources, there was oil or precious minerals, while neighboring Arab countries sold oil and started making billions of dollars annually. Israeli trade mission met senior Argentine government officials, but every time they had to be targeted. In fact, Israel wanted Argentina to sell orange, clay oil and artificial teeth. Males are born in Argentine, so the government did not need this fruit. Then there was sufficient electricity available in the state, therefore soil straws did not even want Argentina. Other Israeli products were also worthless and useless. So the Israeli commercial mission returned to failure. But during the last 68 years, a kilogram grinder. Today Israel sells more than $ 60 billion abroad abroad. Out of these exports, about 22 billion dollars worth of goods are the latest military and non-military machinery. These items include combat aircraft, drone, modern computers, anticipated circuit, missile etc. Today, Israel became the top-tech super-tech super-power superpower. He is among those 5 major countries in the world who sell the most arms to other countries. Israel sells $ 7 billion purely weapons every year. Israeli specialists have special skills in making new drone attacks.

Therefore since 1985, Israel became the largest country in the world who exported drone strikes. 60% of the drone’s global market is in occupation of Israel, while US drone buys only 25% of buyers. American drone is more expensive but they are also very expensive. Israel’s customers include developed countries like Russia, South Korea, Australia, France and Germany. Only few people know that when NATO forces were deployed in our neighborhood, they used to blow up the unmanned drone strikes. The question is that what the Israeli rulers did to show that in the last 67 years, Israel became the world’s superpower in terms of technology. Today he also holds a technologically advanced army. This revolution appeared on a few reasons. First of all, like all countries, politicians in Israel have been handicapped with each other to gain power but most of them do not bother in corruption. Second, they kept personal interests at stake at all costs. That’s why, the new government that came to Israel continued to continue the policies of the previous government to promote the nation and nation. It has not been done that the useful projects of untouchable were also overwhelmed. Israel was the first national policy that it has to spend the highest amount on science and technology and research and development. They believed that by achieving success in the field of science and technology, Israel’s economic, military and social status can become an incredible force in all respects. After 1948, the political party or coalition which came to the government continued the national policy and the major part of GDP was spending on science and technology development. The result is in front of the world today.

Today, Israel became the world’s highest exporter of science and technology. He spends 4.25 percent of his GDP in this way. Israel’s GDP reached $ 323 billion. According to the Israeli government every year almost $ 14 billion spent on science and technology and research and development sectors. Estimate the extent of this amount that Pakistan’s exports are rotating around $ 20.22 billion. These billions of dollars are given to such official and non-government Israeli scientific and technological institutions who are engaged in innovation and unique items in every field of life, including the military. For example, such inventions that will bring crops through water and fertilizer or preparing machine makers (robots) going to the field. In the past half century, many prominent and internationally renowned official and private institutions of research and development took birth in Israel due to the widespread amount of money. Science in these institutions creates inventions and innovations by great enthusiasm. Experts are exposed to the creativity of institutions so that they can show innovation in their own sector. Everyone is encouraged in every way so that they can perform a career for the nation and nation. One of the best of Israelis is that they do not hesitate to take risks. The reason for the mandatory military training of Israel is applicable. At least the Israeli boys, girls have to perform such a dangerous mission that sometimes their lives are in danger. These missions, however, make the youth more delightful and they do not disturb the problems in a hurry. When 18-year-old Israeli boys, girls go to the borders and complete the mission, So most of the Western and Islamic countries are comfortably comfortable in the comfortable and safe educational institutions. If they become part of their forces in the future, only tough military training passes through. While living in normal life, they do not become more intelligent. Israel is surrounded by opponents. He has again fought a war almost every decade. There are many trends of wars, but it is also true that a nation continued to be in a state of war, so he gets nervous more than other nations. She has to take a long time to face the danger. The Israeli nation struggled with the threats forced them to invigorate new and more efficient weapons for their survival. Strengthening your defense so that no one can defeat them.

Only 85.5 million people are inhabited in Israel. But Israel is the 13th largest country in relation to the publication of scientific and technical articles. Every 10000 people in Israel have 140 male and female scientists. The rate in the US is 85 and Japan in 83. The scientists of the world have admitted that after the United States, Israel is among the highest hi-tech centers. If you see science and technology in Islamic countries, it is very disappointed. The world has 25 percent of the total population in the world. But they are very few of science and technology experts. Excluding a few Islamic countries, sector research and development in the rest of the countries do not exist. We are responsible for this responsibility. Most of the Islamic countries often spend energy on saving their chair. They break political fold during their rule and conspiracy against the opponents, die fighting, or stay in bribery. Where is the time for development and promotion of science science and technology? There was a time when scientists in the Islamic world brought new inventions and researching them. In this era Islamic countries were the world’s superpower. But this time the story was made, today, due to lack of importance to the science of science and technology, the west is almost all over the matter. Therefore, despite the majority population, the influence of Islamic countries globally is very low. If the Arab countries now lose their wealth, then the end of the Islamic world will end. But despite the weapons of oil, America, Israel and India are engaged in denying. US President Trump announced to move his embassy in the third holy Islamic place, Jerusalem so no Islamic country could take a concrete step against the United States. Every Islamic ruler has increased by spending oral gatherings. Similarly, India, occupied Kashmir and Israel are suffering from oppression of Muslims in occupied Palestine while rulers of the Islamic world were tested each other. The seeds of differences between them, Trumpet, Nitin Yahoo and Modi’s alliance are increasingly linked to each other. Israel’s army has reached the Israeli army, the most profitable development of science and technology in Israel. Israeli scientists and engineers not only created a variety of weapons but the weapons that were purchased from abroad, It also made revolutionary changes even more effective and effective. Below are the weapons mentioned by Israeli scientists. Due to them, Israeli forces become high-tech and a dangerous force.

Robot Soldier:

Most of the Israeli authorities are spending money and money on making new robots soldiers. The defendants are to save the lives of human beings in the battlefield. Then the robots have proved more efficient than the military force. Last year, Israel set the Guardium robot to monitor its borders. This is a small jeepard robot. It has an infrared camera, radar, high-tech microphone and a variety of sensors. In this weapon is also installed so that anyone can attack if they attack. But the Israeli army has kept these weapons hidden and no details have been reported. The main task of Guardium is to look at the borders so that a stranger is entered, the Israeli army should be informed. Furthermore, the Israeli army still keeps Guardium ahead of attacking it. Such mines can not be taken by a soldier. It is also possible to review the war against it. Guardium is actually drone attack on the ground. Driver sitting at command station located in a hundred miles away can drive it easily with the GPS system. Israeli army Guardium wants to deploy its boundaries from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank. Therefore, it will not require a workforce to monitor it again.

The robot named Probot became a monster of Israeli forces. It’s also a jeepard robot. It was specially designed to lift up to £ 1500. It can also be difficult to walk on mountainous places. So now the Israeli military forces can take all their belongings on Probot and reach the Sabbath season. It also runs via GPS system. (Segev) is a robot care guard similar to Guardium. The Israeli forces are quickly recruiting robots soldiers on their borders and that is the reason. Human soldiers need rest. Then they also want food and water, but robots ask for fuel only. Once filling the fuel, they look at the border for a 24-hour continuous. Then no attack on human beings is also lost.

In the past, Palestinian Mujahideen had devastated the tunnels near the borders and damaged the Israeli army. Through these tunnels, Mujahid entered the Israeli soil, attacked the soldiers and kidnapped them sometimes. But now the Israeli army is destroying tunnels of Palestinian Mujahideen through robots. This is the form of a robot snake. It has a variety of modern appliances such as thermal imams, cameras, laser scanners and sensors. This snake is left in the tunnel so that he can take full care of it and see if there are fighters inside. When the robot snake completes the tunnel review, Israeli soldiers enter and destroy it. This robot has been named as Micro Tactical Grand Robot (MTGR). It can also be removed from the tunnel in addition to a bomb.

Israel has also developed boat-proof prototype robots to protect marine boundaries. These robots patrol in the Mediterranean and protect the Israeli border. This is a war robot, because it contains a machine gun or a machine machine of a machine of 050 mm or 40mm grand launcher. The Dogo robot is also a dangerous machine. This tanks show a 9MM glue pistol in a small robot, which holds 14 pills. It’s only 11kg. The feature is that Dogo’s height is only 11 inches high and it can be deducted up to 4 inches when needed. Both Israeli army and police are using these amazing robots. When the police raid a criminal, then there is Dogo at the forefront. A soldier sitting farther is running Dogo. He targets criminals with the help of the camera and other sensitive devices in it and fire them by fire. The army also goes to some point of view, so keeps Dogo so that the enemy can be competed.

Israel and American scientists say that by 2035 Israel will prepare the entire army of robots. Then human beings in the earth, sea, and atmosphere, these machine-friendly soldiers will fight against the enemy. All these robots will keep in touch with each other so that they can be compatible with a changing situation. All the battles in the battlefield will perform such robots, while the runners will sit in a safe place. As Israeli scientists and engineers are changing the war in future in the future. Do especially the Arab rulers realize that the situation of Israel’s robotic army is a huge threat to their heads? Most Arab rulers are engaged in building high-rise buildings and luxurious places.

Missile Smash Defense Program:

During the first Gulf War in 1991, the Iraqi army left several skid missiles to Israel on the orders of President Saddam Hussein. The missile strikes spread terror in Israel. Millions of Israelis were forced to hide in underground sanctuary. Daily life suspended in Israel. After the Iraqi missile attacks, the Israeli government decided to miss the missiles’ missile defense system in order to stop such attacks in the future. So all the government and private companies linked to science and technology were ordered to prepare such an effective missile. This can destroy every rocket or missile coming from abroad. So today, one of the two, neither missile-proof missile systems existed in Israel. They have the most powerful aero missile system. These anti-missile missiles are made with the US Company, Boing. Three samples were created in this regard. Aero missile can also destroy 3 space planets (satellite). The missiles are the target of the enemy’s missiles. Iron Dome is used to destroy shelling shells of missiles, missiles, missiles, rockets and guns. (Davids Sling) system, aircraft, drone strikes, rockets, cruise missiles and blasts. The same system (SPYDER) is also the same. Last year, Israel introduced a new missile-shaken system called Iron Beam. The system will target rockets and guns from laser guns. The laser gun rises to 7 kms.

Israel is actually a small country. So missiles installed in Iraq, Iran, Egypt etc. can reach any part of it. That is why Israelis set up five defense missile systems to stop the missile missiles. Israeli scientists are researching and experimenting to make these systems missiles more efficient. Israel is the only country in the world that has used missiles as war defense and it seems that Israel will use its missiles in the future wars completely in its defense. The reason is, the Israeli government is spending billions of dollars in order to create new systems. You may be surprised to know that India is also helping Israel in making missiles. Israel’s missile missiles barrack 8 Israelis, IAEAs (Israel Aerospace Industries) and the Indian governmental organization, DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) has developed together. It can be left out of the ship apart from the ground. It targets every type of missile, plane, drone, rocket in the atmosphere. The speed of this 275-kilometer and half-four-meter long missile is 2. It kills 90 kms.

Detective Space Planet:

Great growth in the field of science and technology also made Israel capable of sending spy satellites into space. Even in this field, Israeli scientists have gained a lot of skills. At present they are creating two types of detective space planets for their country. The most powerful cameras are installed in the first kind of planets. It can draw pictures of high resolution. For example, in September 2016, Israel sent its latest spy planet, Ophack 11 space. The cameras in this planet can also draw a clear and clear picture of just 20 inches large objects in any part of the world. Other types of planes have special radar systems installed. This system can capture high resolution images like camera. The advantage of this radar system is that if there is cloud or a item has been flagged, still they will drag the desired item image.

Extreme Secret Tank Plan: It is 1969, the British refuses to sell its Israeli tank because of political reasons. Then the Israeli government decided to form tanks locally for its army. Israeli scientists invented this tank by 1973, named Merkava. Merkava’s four versions or samples have emerged during the last 45 years. Merkava 4 is counted in the world’s most innovative and extremely dangerous tanks. Israeli scientists and engineers are constantly engaged in research and experiments to improve this tank better and its description is very secretive. The Merkava travels 4 four miles per hour. Specifically, it is possible to install different types of structures on this tank with a mission. For example, if the tank has to go to the hill station, the metal structure will be connected to the geographical situation. The tank is designed with very strong metals. Also, this tank is equipped with Trophy’s defense missile system. The trophy feature is that when the enemy tank fires a missile missile, its radar sees it immediately. Israeli soldiers sitting in Merkava 4 take measures to avoid this missile immediately.

Half end:

Israel’s growing scientific and military power implies that the Islamic countries, especially Arab countries instead of luxurious activities Science and technology, especially in the sector of military development, will have to spend money. If they did not make themselves self-sufficient in scientific and military, then in the future war, Israel would swallow them into a terrible attack. There is still time, the Islamic world should be ungrateful.

India’s growing proximity to Israel:

India's growing proximity to Israel

India’s growing proximity to Israel

Recently, the extremist Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu visited India. Nationalist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed Netanyahu by breaking the protocol on the airport and showed a warm summer. That’s the reason. Today, especially Israel’s super power in military science and technology. Narendra Modi wants India to be supported by Israeli science and technology. That is why they are emphasizing Indian governmental and technical institutions that they should start various projects together with the Israeli scientists. There has been a special progress in the past three years. India is now buying more than one billion dollars of weapons every year from Israel. The volume of mutual trade between the two countries also reached $ 5 billion. The growth of these two countries is an alarming threat to Pakistan. Due to the Israeli armed forces, Indian forces will get the lead in the lead. To fight the India and Israel alliance, it is important that Pakistan become a political and economically strong country. That way, they can fight against both the opponents. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s record is not good in the field of economy and politics. Most of the time and energy of Pakistani rulers are only in the fight against political opponents. So they are not able to pay attention to the national economy, and they are always weaker. The treatment of this crisis is that there should be a strong and stable political government in Pakistan, which can bring India’s most dangerous Alliance with the power of India.


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