Genocide of Muslims is about to take place in India, US Congress briefing

Genocide of Muslims in India

Genocide of Muslims in India

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Gregory Stanton, founder and director of Genocide Watch, has warned that genocide of Muslims is imminent in India. According to Al Jazeera, Gregory Stanton, during a briefing to the US Congress, said that there are early signs and actions of genocide in the Indian state of Assam and Occupied Kashmir. “We are warning that there could be mass genocide in India. Genocide is not an incident but an act and the policies of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017 and the Myanmar government against Rohingya Muslims,” ​​he said. There are similarities in the discriminatory policies. He mentioned the policy of removing the special status of Occupied Kashmir and making property to non-natives. He mentioned the revocation of the special sovereign status of Indian-administered Kashmir in 2019 and the granting of citizenship to non-Muslim religious minorities under the Citizenship Amendment Act the same year.

Gregory Stanton, a lecturer in genocide studies and prevention at George Mason University in Virginia, Virginia, said he feared that Muslims in India would be subjected to the same treatment as the Rohingya in Myanmar. First legally declared a non-citizen and then expelled through violence and genocide. “What we are facing now is exactly the same conspiracy,” he said. Gregory Stanton said that Hindutva ideology is against the history of India and its constitution and termed Narendra Modi as an extremist who has taken over the government.


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