Frustration and hopelessness can cause heart attacks cause of death, Research

Frustration and hopelessness can cause heart attacks cause of death

Frustration and hopelessness can cause heart attacks cause of death

Helsinki, Finland … News Time

A study revealed that every item in despair and find inspiration in the rate of deaths from heart disease in people who are clearly over. Finland psychologists have been frustrated and pessimistic mood, which first studied the effects on the heart and body of optimism and assess diseases. Initially emerged that the risk of suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes in people surrounded frustration is far more optimistic than other people. Now 11 years later, the majority of the polled know that the 121 people who died were suffering from depression. Abstract this research is also frustrated with life that people do not care about your health and change your lifestyle (lifestyle). The reason for this is that desperate people do not look to the future and are happy to be coming good things and events likely to be affected by diabetes and blood pressure is high. These diseases eventually cause heart disease, while making sure people are positive about the future and also reduce the risk of blood pressure and other diseases. It is pathetic to severe depression, say experts who research and the associated mortality data was not available until now, but this is the first study in this regard. The experts were among the more than 2 thousand people in 2002 and studied men and women ages 76 to 52 surveyed, the economic situation, psychological background, lifestyle, were obtained data about blood sugar and blood pressure and other diseases were above all the question of pessimism and optimism. Had to write three statements to despair and hope in a questionnaire. The uncertainty of these volunteer wrote a hopeful I expect the best. A desperate man who could be that if you wrote something bad about me. Experts gave me a sense of hope and optimism because of the intensity from 0 to 4 No. 4 and had a high or severe level. 121 desperate people living 11 years after the study died, which often suffer from heart disease, while those who hope to survive and be happy. This is doubly disappointing that the risk of being infected with deadly diseases in people. After this discovery, the doctors suggested I keep the hope that arm.


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