Former ISI chief Asad Durrani launched an investigation into the Indian contacts

Former ISI chief Asad Durrani and ex-RAW chief AS Dulat

Former ISI chief Asad Durrani and ex-RAW chief AS Dulat

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Asad Durrani, former ISI chief head Lt Gen (R) Asad Durrani, was banned from leaving his country, named ECL. Earlier, the controversial book published in India was confined to Asad Durrani’s GHQ. According to ISPR, the court of inquiry has been made for complete investigation of the matter. According to sources, a book written along with Asad Durrani ‘Raw’, Chief AS Dulat, could not satisfy the military officials with the views expressed in “The Spy Chronicles”.Sources also say that the former ISI chief was not only the former chief of Raw but also other people of India. There have also been investigations on the Indian contacts of Asad Durani, while Prime Minister today called for the National Security Committee meeting.

According to ISPR, the Durrani Pir was present in the GHQ, where they were asked for an explanation of controversial book together with former Raw. DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said in his statement on social media that General retired Asad Durani, asked for a GHH to explain his own attributes in the recently published book “The Spy Chronicles.” had gone. To complete the matter, a court of inquiry has been formed under the head of an existing service general. Sources say that Ministry of Interior and FIA were contacted by the ISPR chief for putting the name of former ISI head in the ECL. The army took the tough election on the publication of the book with Asad Durani’s former Indian Raw while calling him in his private position in the GHH Rawalpindi. On this occasion, Asad Durrani was asked to write a book.

Sources say that Asad Durani is not only the only US dulat but also other people of India. During the investigation, it will be investigated what nature of these contacts was. According to the sources, Asad Durani’s contacts have been termed as a part of the track to Diplomacy and track-tack is being done by the US, however, Asad Durrani, along with the head of the Indian secret agency, wrote the book and the support of the Indian lady, has spread concerns about Pakistani authorities. According to sources, on this day, in this case, GHQ has been questioned on this Monday, however, he could not offer any acceptable explanation to his contacts with India and then write the book entitled to the Indian stand. General Qamar Javaid is a part of this policy of General Asad Durani asking for GHQ, According to which no one is against the country and the law. It is clear that it is the first time that such a step has been taken against a former ISI chief.

Asad Durrani was head of the ISI since 1990 to 1992. Last week, his book “The Spy Chronicles”: Raw, ISI and the Illusion of Peace “, which they have written together with the former ISI chief of the secret agency Raw India’s secret Raw agency. In this book, several alleged explosive claims have been made by Darani’s hand-held Kashmir and Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan. The book has been claimed that Pakistan had arrested Osama bin Laden under the agreement, and should also be released as soon as possible by the Indian spy Club Dhoshio. According to legal experts, if General (R) Asad Durrani was found guilty of violating the Military Code of Conduct, action against him could be taken under the Act of the Securities Section 1923. In the era of General Ayub Khan, the S Act was changed, after which the army has the right to take action against a civilian. Under the Actual Secret Act, 1923, there can be various sentences including age imprisonment and death penalty. DGSP Major Major Asif Ghafoor told May 25 in a Japanese message that General Asad Durani was asked May 24 for GHQ. Where the book published in his book will be closely linked and he will have to clarify the position on violating the National Code of Conduct, because it applies to all present and retired personnel.

It is clear that the case has come to an ordinary public at a time when when some former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had allegedly blamed the country that allegedly non-state elements involved in Mumbai attacks in 2008. Later, Nawaz Sharif raised the matter of this booklet book and demanded that it should be discussed in the National Security Council. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has called for the National Security Committee meeting today. The meeting will review the security of the security and border security. The case of Asad Durani’s book will likely be considered. Apart from this, the Durban has explained that they have no accounts on social media. Many tweets were made on their fake account by their name. Asad Durani allegedly submitted an incorrect image of the military institutions. It will take India’s real benefit, while Nawaz Sharif’s beneficiaries will also benefit. This book did not matter anything in India due to the general appearance, however, Pakistan has arrived in earthquicks.


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