Fake accounts case: JIT report, disclosure of money laundering against Asif Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari and Anwar Majeed, the main role of fake account

Asif Ali Zardari and Anwar Majeed, the main role of fake account

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JIT headed by former president Asif Ali Zardari in the report of Money Laundering while PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto declared fake bank accounts as a beneficiary. The Supreme Court in the light of the JIT report in Mega Money Laundering and Counterfeit Bank Accounts case former President Asif Ali Zardari, Faryal Talpur, Bahria Town and Omni Group were asked to respond while Bahria Town chairman Malik Riaz issued personal order in court.

The court issued notice after the JIT report. The court also included Bahria Town Iconon in addition to the Secondary Secondary Group and its Front Companies and ordered the Omni Group-based asset to frozen. Court December 31 ordered to submit a reply. These assets will be seized by Chief Justice Pakistan during the hearing remarks. On Monday, the Supreme Court hearing the case regarding fake bank accounts was heard in Lahore. On the judicial order, the JIT report was run on the projector Bilawal’s money in Karachi and Lahore was paid from fake accounts. Bilawal House is owned by the Lahore Zero Group of Lahore. Justice Ejaz Al Ahsan said why the money was paid if the land was received?  Did not the gift accept? JIT said the Zardari group got 53 billion loans. 24 billion debts were taken from Sindh Bank while its bank assets were 16 billion rupees. Omni borrowed by dividing the group into 5 parts. The private expenses of the Zardari group were also paid from Omni including home expenditure, dog food, beer bills, etc. those companies used to pay.

We believe that the revelations of the JIT report are heartburners the facts described by the state described can not be stolen, but by the affected parties, it can not be deported by justifying the allegations. Facts are definitely bitter but evidence, documents and evidence are provided and in the way all this financial deterrence has been identified if the requirements of justice are met, no one can save any of the world’s power from the unjust. We believe that a few families have always been a government in the country and each time understanding the power of power, everybody has been made in every field by placing it on key positions. And no one was able to bury the denial. That is why when investigations are being done now, intelligence, shameful disclosures and facts are coming out, which is not possible to escape. In our opinion, the judiciary, the NAB and the investigative institutions should address these issues as soon as possible and do not take any kind of pressure in justice and fulfill the requirements of justice. As we have repeatedly stated that under the default plan, the public is misleading this statement. The only opposition is getting accountable and the ladders are not being asked. There is no fact that giving examples of laddles are targeted to institutions and judiciary there is no evidence of any evidence against them. Anyone who has set the power ladder and has committed corruption should be asked. If instead, to act according to law to bring the criminals to the right path. It is also the duty of the government that they do not bring any foreign and foreign pressure and recommendation in this regard.

Chief Justice, talking to Asif Zardari’s lawyer Farooq Naik said that billions of rupees are laundering, will not forgive. On the other hand, in response to this report, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Deputy Special Accountability Accountant Shahzad Akbar said the JIT report, which investigated the fake accounts case, concluded Zardari’s system in Sindh. JIT submitted an 800 to 900-page report in the Supreme Court in Fake Accounts Case. Sindh’s budget for the budget of 2000 billion was 30 to 35 per cent of the budget budgeted by Asif Zardari. The JIT documented 924 individuals, in which more than 100 fake accounts came, 59 transactions were seen in suspicious bank accounts. JIT’s investigation should be given. The nation now knows why Pakistan’s name is included in the gray list? What a shameful fact is that US Senate Committee also made a test case for Asif Zardari’s corruption and money laundering case. The reason for poverty in Sindh is that not only to fake accounts in Sindh, fake accounts were created. But fake bank was also made.

On the other hand Zardari and Company, in 2015, the FIA ​​started inquiry into fake accounts, suspicious transactions, on June 29, 2018, the Chief Justice took notice of it, on September 5, 2018, representatives of NAB, FIA, State Bank, SECP, FBR, ISI, DIG Ehsan Sadiq’s underlying JIT bay, on 24 December 2018, JIT submitted the report to the Supreme Court, Report 128 pages, 9 Wales, 27 Innovation Reports, JIT reports, 885 people were called, detailed inquiry from 767, research, detected on investigations 929 people and 11500 accounts of companies, with 32 counterfeit accounts, more than 24500 suspicious transactions, According to the JIT report, Zardari is the head of Money Money Laundering Tool, Murad Ali Shah, Faryal Talpur and Anwar Majid’s main member. While Bilawal Benazir Khan, the National Bank of India, danced on the signs of Sindh Bank, Summit Bank, Zardari and Company, according to the JIT report. The amount of corruption went into unfair accounts, from there Omni Group business, moving to assets, Anwar Majeed shifts money, through reference, shifts Dubai, in France, London, Canada, assets made in Dubai, suspected bankruptcy accounts were borrowed over 80 billion from banks, Debt interest was made with money of alleged bribe.

There was a sugar mill and two companies of Omni Group before the government came in March 2008. Today, 93 companies, industries, factories separately, 95 percent of assets, the PPP’s last 10-year-old government, half of the 35 sugar mills, Sindh’s Omni Group, With Murad Ali Shah and Omni Group’s brains, allegedly billions of rupees, although Murad Ali Shah sat down the Chief Minister but the actual ruler Anwar Majeed, in the jail, also kept the Sindh government running. A separate alley of Power House Profit, JIT reported Bilawal House’s foods, Utility bills, Bilawal’s own food, the food of their dogs, as well as goat’s clothes and clothing-to-clean cleaning payouts from fake accounts, $ 1.5 million monthly housing costs were being paid from Omni Group, Birth day Parties, Passport Fee, as well as the expense of emergency lights raised by Omni Group, according to the JIT report, Faryal came to an account of Talabpur’s account of $ 20 billion which purchased land in Bilawal House Lahore and Tando Allahyar.

Listen to delicious, tickets for accounts from Ayyan Ali, and these accounts also buy tickets for the Bilawal, remembered by Ayyan Ali, when he was caught at Islamabad Airport, he came to leave Mushtaq Maher, just a few days ago, Ayyan Ali also tweeted why just me, who was with me, should be caught, Mushtaq Maher was also seen in this image tweet. This was Mushtaq Maher, a stenographer at the presidency in Zardari’s presidency, later grade 16 got, 8 billion from allegedly allegedly in the account of Mushtaq Maher and he traveled at Omni Group 108 times with Zardari, nowadays, in Dubai, listen here too, when JIT report arrives, Zulfiqar Sahib and Bilawal’s reaction to all lies, our conscience.

Now it is not surprising that the House of Shias should open what Gul, and it is not surprising that Zardari, Faryal Talpur, Murad Ali Shah, AG Majeed, patronized politicians, the mafia of civil servants, contractors and Frontmen squeezed Sindh, it is not surprising that the ruler mafia did not leave any area of ​​the country where he did not hang, shocked to the cemetery, surprised not even that Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari’s defense, because surprisingly if something was unlikely to happen, what he did, would do it.


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