Facebook is laying low memory

Facebook is lying low memory

Facebook is lying low memory

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Facebook lie Walloon so no shortage but warned that a scientific study of the mind, behavior, personality and just have an extremely negative impact on memory. Website Pencourage from the study revealed that almost 65% of the users in their profile on Facebook so they lie charming, successful and exciting show personality. 30 percent of study participants recognized that their life is radically different from real life Facebook and contradiction because they suffer from depression and psmyany. Psychologists say that social media web sites for consumers looking better than others false stories are fabricated. Beth at home when they are out with friends on Facebook are eating chicken frying pan. It can alter your images tend to like the models and their vehicle and lie about wealth. Experts say that a long time to watch such stories in mind the difference between truth and lies in the difficulty and human memory seems insurmountable. False sense of sin and repentant personality tend to lose confidence and become more human nerve lies. Self-generated stories are at the same time seems to be true to themselves slowly with their personality is collapsing. Experts say these painful issues of social websites users can save only one truth and openness.


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