Every citizen can not afford life in North Korea

North Korean was born in August 15, 1948

North Korean was born in August 15, 1948

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There are many countries in the world working day and day for the convenience of the people. Modern technology is being introduced for ease of public, but a country is also present in the world where human rights are not equal. There is no country in the world or there is a democratic system or a kingdom. If the UK and Arab countries are talked then there is democracy and the kingdom together. There is also a strange country in the world where people can not even breathe with their own desire. This country is North Korea.

North Korea, between China and Japan, came into force in 15 August 1948, separating from South Korea. North Korea is going 106 instead of 2018. This is because the new calendar of North Korea was started since 15 April 1912, Kim Bu Song, which was the King of North Korea, was born. Three types of languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean are spoken in North Korea. Riyadh is very active in the preparation of weapons. So far, 5 nuclear explosions, which have been done in respect of 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2016 respectively. Experts on the last nuclear bomb say that the Atom bomb was even more intensely intact than Japan’s atom bombs. Recently, North Korea hydrogen bombs have also experienced a successful experiment. In addition, North Korea also has a missile that can be destroyed by 4000 km. North Korean military official’s claim that their military power is 5 times larger than the US. U.S and Japan have given warnings many times after the threat of peace in the region on North Korea’s nuclear increase but North Korea is engaged in its aggressive activities without caring for it.

North Korea has strange laws. The citizens of the city can not afford their choice. There are 10 hairstyles for men and 18 styles for women. Apart from this, people can not make hair style, nor can they make hair style like the North Korean King Kim Jong Un. Married women are ordered to keep hair short while unmarried girls can keep hair tall. North Korea has its own Internet that is in Korean. The number of users using it is around 700. These are all state government officers using the Internet. People from there do not have access to Facebook, YouTube and other social websites. Apple, Sony and other big companies are not allowed to sell the product here. Media is not allowed to talk against the government. In Korea, the offender’s father and son are also punished. After buying your new home, you can not even paint the walls on your custom. He also has to get permission for the government. The use of genes for women paints and men for women in Korea is prohibited because the North Korean government prohibits the use of every American goods, In the North Korean capital, every ordinary citizen is not allowed to go and house. Only government officials can be there and stay there. Not buy personal cars in North Korea too. His right is only the official and army officers.

Every Korea has elections in every 5 years and the same is the same as the origin of the king, the public has to vote for it. No ordinary citizen has the right to contest elections. North Korea calls itself a democratic country with the election of this election. Radio has a home every country in the country. The order is not to turn off the radio, whether you do not want to hear or feel pain in your head. No one is allowed to leave the country in North Korea. When the tourists enter their country their mobile is confiscated and if a tourist does not join a tourist specialist in North Korea it is considered a crime. The North Korean people are suffering so much cruelty. There is being toyed with humanity in the name of law. Sadly, the public can not hate the life like this hell because it is not permissible. Lastly, my question is, would you like to live hard and hard in North Korea, leaving your free life?


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