Egypt’s government has been increasingly targeting on opposition leaders and its families

The retired Army General Sami Anan is currently under the army

The retired Army General Sami Anan is currently under the army

Cairo … News Time

After the leaders from various sections of opposition in Egypt, their families are also targeting the revenge of the military regime. According to an article published on Wednesday on Algeria’s web portal, daughter of Deputy Khairat el-Shater, who was under the age of Muslim Brotherhood, has been dismissed from government work. Samia Khairat el-Shater was performing teaching duties in Ain Shams Friday. He studied 20 years of his life while traveling in the University of Ain Shams. She was a student of her educational age and was always prominent in the field of teaching. However, the same management of the Jamia, just by a military call, told them that their job has been eliminated. The administration did not even tell the reason why. Samia Khairat el-Shater has expressed astonishment and regret over the administration’s decision. Earlier, the daughter of Hisham Genena, the former head of Department of Anti-corruption, has been graduated from the mosque’s imam to an administrative post and the son of former Minister of Awafiq Talaat Afifi, Muhammad. Similarly, the daughter of Abdurrahman Albar, a teacher of the prestigious President Mohamed Morsi and the school of Muslim Brotherhood, has been removed. While detained, Samir, son of former Chief of Staff general retired Sami Anan, has been arrested that she is thinking of fighting her father’s presidential election. It is clear that Hisham Genena and Sami Anan are currently under custody. The Egyptian army has announced action against the Hisham Genena and the State Secrets against Sami Anan. Retired Army General Sami Anan is currently under the army and Hashim Jinnah was present during his brief presidential campaign. His presidential campaign proved to be a few days and the army had arrested them from submitting paper nominations to participate in presidential elections. On the other hand, Sami Anan’s lawyer Nasser Amin was posted on his Facebook page in a statement, Sami Anan has denied allegations.


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