Donald Trump and Pakistan, Analysis      

With the start of the New Year, Donald Trump threatened that now it is a threat to everywhere.

With the start of the New Year, Donald Trump threatened that now it is a threat to everywhere.

Islamabad … News Time

Now the New Year has started, so the idea that the year 2017 has given us many more expectations than the New Year. But anyone has said that with every New Year it’s a disadvantage that it ends in just one year. Actually this is the way to think of you. How long has the year passed? This can be said. If seen personally, the last year for us passed just like the years before.

But what is happening to our country? This question prohibits all of us sleeping. Nothing else, with the start of the New Year, Donald Trump threatened that now it is a threat to everywhere. All discussion discussions have ended; there is only one threat to which each of them expresses their views. Some are those who are saying that we can also taste the fun of America. We can turn off its airline. For this we can also close the groundwater paths that we have. This is the country that some of our ministers and some media are making. And you know that our media affects the common man’s opinion. Therefore, voices are coming from everywhere to come in front of America. Relax the relationship with it. But the satisfaction is that the fact that our ministry has yet to stand is realistic. There is no such thing going on by which the situation is more likely to worsen. Obviously, there is a complete history of Pakistan’s relations with the US in front of our Foreign Ministry.

Just think, since then, have we not eaten the American wheat, American syrup and its dollar? Our weapons are coming from the US. Our war craft is American. There is also US cooperation in the loans we take from international organizations. And then we have not even forgotten that in the darkness of the night, American aircraft return from Abbott bad to the death of Osama Bin Laden’s body, and we do not know news from ear. Where is the wisdom of generating war crimes inside the country? However, we are not saying that the threat of the trumpet should not be answered. The answer should be given, but by keeping the facts and facts in front of it. Now Trump, sir, all know that they are a strange person. And the US election has given them to this place, in the election, someone got more votes but trumpets won on the basis of more power of some states. American literature and fictions are also criticized on this election process. Sadia Shepard is a Pakistani-American American legend. Her legend is hidden in the name of Foreign Returned in New York, January 6, although it has mentioned the US election procedure. But it seems that there is also discussion there. George Bush (Jr.) was the president of the same kind of election. They were not even less than anyone in their normal. They were also joking. Trump is now being joking in his own country. Tell me what will be said if a country president starts tweeting on his mobile phone as soon as I open my eyes. America’s TV channel and big newspapers all are joking their president. Social media is not behind anyone in this case. Somebody has sent a video in which Trump has been shown to be incomplete to work in the movie. You will remember the movie Home Alone. The second part of the film was shooting at a hotel. She was from Hotel Trump. Trumps offer that if they are shown in the film for two minutes for a minute, then the hotel will not be leased from the movie. The hero of the movie when the boy enters the hotel and asks for a place, then the trumpets themselves who show him the way. It’s been a matter of years ago since his presidency. But do not think that the trumpet is meant to blow some of his ideas in the United States are also being disputed. The one who is calling Do More is not demanding a trump. Even before governments have been demanding this demand from Pakistan. The only difference is that Trump’s style is commonly the style of other governments was modest. So it means that Pakistan will have to do something eventually. For this reason, it is said that instead of generating war crimes in Pakistan, a moderate way should be taken. If you need to give a little bit of risk, it should be given, but to take a walk with patience. And on the defense level this way has been opened today.


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