China, Russia voice serious concern over deployment of US Missile System in South Korea

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov and Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov and Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou

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China and Russia have expressed concern, saying the installation progress until the nuclear weapons in South Korea by the United States.That unilateral measures to build global and regional military balances from the United States, will have a negative impact on security and stability, South Korea about the installation of sophisticated defense system from the United States suggest that this is part of the global anti-missile scheme, Is clearly in conflict with the US and South Korean government officials claim. The Deputy Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Morgulov Kong Xuanyou China said the fourth session of the Northeast Asia Security. They also agreed to strengthen the bilateral cooperation of the workers strongly opposed the installation of US nuclear weapons. The level of competition as well as adverse developments in the region and ensure the protection of countries being China Security and Defence area of ​​Russia, China and Russia could be built on and strengthened coordination and cooperation under the partnership strategy that is being adopted. He said this was the protection of the interests of the two countries also referred to the joint statement, The two countries agreed on the Korean island will continue efforts to resolve the nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation, It must be realized that reducing nuclear weapons, military and political tensions in the Korean Island and to promote mutual trust by military exercises, The two leaders continue talks among themselves that urged South Korea and the Republic of Korea and create a favorable environment for further discussions on the issue of Korean archipelago. Remember that earlier this month, South Korea and the United States under an agreement worker in the far South Korea has announced plans to install nuclear missiles THAAD.


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