China a bigger threat to United States than Russia: CIA chief

 US CIA head Mike Pompio

US CIA head Mike Pompio

Washington … News time

US secret agency CIA head Mike Pompeo has said that secret efforts to enhance its influence in China and the US are so worried about the attempts of demolition of Russia. Mike Pompeo said in an interview with the BBC that China is constantly trying to reduce American influence and there is major evidence of China’s efforts. CIA head Mike Pompeo said China’s efforts to gain commercial information from China and to engage in schools and hospitals not only limited to the US but spread to Europe and Britain. Mike Pompeo said Russia and China’s economy. China’s printed print is far larger than Russia, which it can wear its projects practical.

Earlier in the year 2018, the United States had arrested CIA officer, Jerry Chun Shing, who had such secret information. Allegedly about the US spy network that was destroyed in China. Two years before the arrest of Jerry Chun Shing, two people who had been abducted in China for the US in China were either killed or put in jail. At this time, American officials did not make it clear that the detestors were identified by a detective or have detected their information from computer hacking. CIA head told the BBC that China needs joint efforts to enhance its influence on Europe. He said that we can see that China is constantly stealing US information and trying to cross the secret agencies of America. ‘We see this in our schools. See in your hospitals and health system. We look at the corporate sector of the US. It is also seen in other countries, especially in Europe and the UK. CI chief Mike Pompeo also denied the impression that America’s influence in Syrian conflict is very low where Russia and Iran-backed Assad al-Assad is still in power. Mike Pompeo said, “We will work more on this complicated issue and we will push Iran wherever we can push it back.”

Last year it was revealed that CIA’s current head was warned by al-Qaeda leader Qasim Suleimani’s head of Iran. If there is an attack on American interests in the region, then it will be punished. Mike Pompeo said, “I wanted to clarify Qasim Suleimani that there were American interests in the region, European interests, British interests, and if attacked, he would be properly answered. He said that I wanted to clarify it clearly that it was unacceptable to the United States that Iran would harm America’s interests.

The CIA head said Iran was staging a missile on Saudi Arabia through its queen which is not acceptable in any case and this process comes into a war-fighting category. Mike Pompeo told the BBC that is the best way to stop the conflict the Iranian people is aware of the consequences of their government’s actions in the region and from the region. I hope they will rise up and understand that it is not in the interest of their country to send their troops to Europe and other places. They need to do a lot to make their country a better country. Mike Pompeo said we are convinced that Iranian people will understand it and we also hope Iranian leaders will understand that.


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