British Prime Minister calls for election on December 12

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

London … News Time

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls for a December 12 general election to end the deadlock in Brexit. Boris Johnson writes to Opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn that they are willing to give Parliament more time to approve the Brexit deal, legislators, however, support their decision to hold elections in December. One week ago the UK was close to seceding from the European Union however, Parliament has decided to give Boris Johnson more time in Brexit. Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that he does not want to, but he is being called by the country’s dissolved parliament to delay.

Foreign news agency AFP reports that elections seem the only way to end the deadlock on Brexit’s case minutes after Parliament approved his deal, his timetable was rejected, which was consistent with his October 31 deadline. However, he has lost twice in the parliamentary elections, where he needs a majority of two-thirds of the 650 lawmakers. The Labor Party, the main opposition party, has said many times that it will only support the elections. When it is assured that the UK will not be excluded from the EU without agreement.

Boris Johnson, copying the letter on the social networking site Twitter, said, “We will have the time to bill the withdrawal agreement until November 6 so that it can be discussed and voted on, this means we will finish Bridget just before the December 12th election. He said that if Parliament refuses to take advantage of this opportunity and fails to make a decision by November 6,if I’m afraid, then the matter will be resolved by the new parliament.

It should be noted that the future of this separation is not clear even after 52 years of voting in favor of Brexit, which has separated from the EU for 3 years, There is still debate in the UK about how and whether we should carry out the work. Boris Johnson became the UK’s prime minister in July, having to complete Brexit by October 31, but he has almost failed.


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