British Parliament rejected brexit deal for the third time

In the British parliament, 286 votes were given to the brexit deal in 286 while opposing 344 votes

In the British parliament, 286 votes were given to the brexit deal in 286 while opposing 344 votes

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In the British Parliament, the third time the brexit deal of Prime Minister Theresa May rejected the majority. According to the French news agency AFP, 286 votes were given to 344 votes against the brexit deal in the British Parliament. After the European Union’s ratification agreement was rejected for the third time the next two weeks will be brexit without the contract or it is likely to be a long delay. The British Parliament rejected the request for the end of Theresa May’s political deadlock who pushed Britain to crisis. This is another big blow to Theresa May; he had urged the Member Parliament to resign in case of support of the agreement, they almost lost control over their government and brexit.

UK had to be separated from the EU today on March 29 but Theresa May asked for some time from European leaders last week. The British prime minister is scheduled to discuss the next tenure of the Emergency Summit called in Brussels on April 10 and 11. The EU has fixed a 12th April term with two terms for the decision that the UK will separate the agreement without any agreement or in this regard, the new approach will be agreed on the extension of the term. Theresa May has said that after voting for the European Union in the 3-year-old referendum. The voter’s participation in the elections of the European Parliament will be unacceptable.

The UK has difficulty due to the failure of the EU to disagree with the European Union’s separation agreement. Alongside this, business leaders and trade unions have warned National Emergency. Voters got divided into the agreement, which are often angry; members of Theresa May are considered responsible for the situation while he is responsible for not giving Theresa May an alternative to the agreement. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbin said he did not have the ability to rule.

According to the brexit deal with the European leaders last week, the UK would separate the May 22 if the Parliament passed the agreement this week. Authorities say before 12 April Theresa May still has the opportunity to approve the agreement. On the other hand, a European Union spokesperson has said that the third time the brexit deal was made the UK’s unconstitutional agreement is expected to be separated from the European Union on April 12. Brussels is fully prepared for the UK’s departure, he said.

Brexit deal:

It is clear that in the UK, British people voted for exemption from the EU in the amazing referendum in the UK. The process will be a few weeks from now on. In July 2016, Theresa May promised Prime Minister to take public decision on the brexit deal. But after severe opposition they have to face difficulties and they are trying to celebrate the parliament that they accept the agreement. The voting on this brexit deal was to be held in December last year but later it was postponed until January.

In March 2017, a tough deal that started in Brussels was agreed on a draft agreement. While the European leaders rejected the possibility of negotiations again and due to this uncertainty, permanent emergencies are found in the British economy. The first voter’s reference to brexit deal was passed with 30 percent of the vote against Theresa May which included dozens of members of the ruling party while 297 members voted for the prime minister.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s own party Conservative party members also supported the Labor Party after which there were concerns regarding the complete separation of the European Union March 29. However Theresa May had to face the biggest failure at this time when the British Parliament dismissed the EU’s separation Prime Minister Theresa May’s clear majority from January 16 and they had to face the failure of the defeat of 432 votes compared to 202.

Remember that the UK joined the European Economic Community in 1973 however; in the UK some circles have always been complaining that the community for free trade is being used for political purposes. Because of which damages the sovereignty of the member countries. Brexit deal supporters say the EU will surely start economic problems after separation however; it will be beneficial in the future, because the United Kingdom will be free from the EU and the contribution given in the EU budget will be spent in the country.


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