Britain rejects US demand and frees Iranian oil carrier

 An oil tanker called Iran's Grace One

An oil tanker called Iran’s Grace One

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Britain rejects US demand and frees Iranian oil carrier according to a foreign news agency, the Iranian plane sailed from Greece at 11 pm local time to Greece, Iran has warned the US not to try to get its hands on the oil carrier. The Iranian Foreign Ministry says the US has been formally warned that the United States will have serious consequences if the ship is caught.

Meanwhile, US President Trump has said that Iran is ready to negotiate with the US, but he does not know how to begin, Iranians are arrogant people, but their economy is being destroyed, Tehran has never caught a US ship and should never have made such a mistake. Remember that the British Navy seized the Iranian oil carrier in Gibraltar waters, British officials say the oil tanker wanted to transport crude oil to Syria in violation of sanctions imposed on Iran.

According to the news agency, an oil tanker named Grace One was captured in the British-dominated area of ​​the Mediterranean near southern Spain, The southern part of Spain is under the control of Gibraltar. Iran has expressed its displeasure over the move by calling on the UK ambassador to record its protest. According to Iranian diplomatic sources, the move is illegal. Gibraltar officials say they have evidence that the oil tanker wanted to fuel an Syrian refinery on the EU sanctions list.


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