Bashar-al- Assad ordered confiscation property of citizens: German government

Bashar-al- Assad ordered confiscation property of citizens

Bashar-al- Assad ordered confiscation property of citizens

Berlin … News Time

 As a rule issued by Bashar-al-Assad, Syrian refugees who migrated during Syrian civil war may lose their property and property.The German Foreign Ministry has shown a major reaction to the Bashar-al-Assad project. German media reported Friday after the new plans were released for the construction of Syria the residents of the country will have to submit their property rights to their property and property only within 30 days. It is worried that if the project is implemented, comfortably embedded Syrian refugees will lose their property and property in other countries, including Germany. It has been said that Germany is supporting the United Nations and Bashar-al-Assad in Russia, to keep the Damascus government from this move.

German newspapers quoted UN experts in the Middle East that if the plan was implemented in Syria, most of the Syrian will be affected, those who own apartments, buildings or plots. Zud Deutsche Setting quoted the World Bank saying that most Syrian refugees will not be able to provide paper proof of their property, because the Bashar-al-Assad government does not have a record record of all the Syrian residents. In addition, due to the destruction of Homs, people and the government have lost such records. The 7-year-old Syrian forces have forced more than 60 million Syrian refugees to be welcomed and those of them are very few, who could have brought the paper proof of his property with him. Similarly, there are millions of Syrian people who are displaced within the country and fear that they too will not be able to handle these papers.

According to the report, the German Foreign Ministry has expressed its anger on the project of Bashar-al-Assad and has declared it a resort to depriving people from their property. The newspapers have expressed concern that the Assad regime has apparently made this plan so that the government and its supporters can be benefited and the refugee doors of large-scale displaced Syrian refugees should be closed. Most Sunni population was ahead in the anti-government protests that began in 2011 in Syria. It is now fear that this population can be targeted in different ways in the work of Syria’s rebuilding and maintenance, Especially in Damascus, Homs and Idlib. It is estimated that the Bashar-al-Assad government will now provide construction contracts to its loyalty and their interests will be considered. In the controlled areas of Bashar-al-Assad, there is a majority of Alawites, al-Mashi, Darz, Shias and Ismailis beliefs.


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