Assets reference: Bank account details of Ishaq Dar, his family submitted in NAB court    

Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar

Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar

Islamabad … News Time

During the hearing of NAB references to make assets more than Ishaq Dar, Witness Abdul Rahman provided the record of income from Ishaq Dar since 2017 to 2017. Details of the 3 bank accounts of Witness Azeem Khan Ishaq Dar and Family were presented in Accountability court. NAB reference hearing judge Ishaq Dar doing in the Islamabad Accountability court the Accountability Court is continuing to record testimony under Section 512 of the Criminal Code. Witness Abdul Rahman, a private bank-related prosecutor, gave record record of Ishaq Dar from 2005 to 2017. The witness also details the 3 bank accounts of Ishaq Dar and Family. Other Witness Faisal Shahzad could not offer sister due to marriage. Justice Ishaq Dar has been advertised on the non-attendance as an advertisement, the prosecution filed in the 28 witnesses list, So far, 5 Witnesses have recorded a record statement against Ishaq Dar. On the previous hearing, the court directed the Ishaq Dar’s witness Ahmad Ali Ghodousi while releasing the final showcase notice. In case of not presenting the accused within 3 days, the amount of rupees of 5 million rupees will be seized. And the property of Ishaq Dar will be launched; furthermore the trial will be initiated in the absence of Ishaq Dar. The court rejected the medical report presented 3 times, while declining federal minister Ishaq Dar as advertisement.


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