Anti-government protests in Turkey, woman arrested

Anti-government protests in Turkey

Anti-government protests in Turkey

Ankara — News Time

Turkey protests against corruption scandal raising the container of shoes a woman was arrested in connection. Recall that shoe container in Turkey is known as a symbol of the corruption scandal. Central police corruption scandal character , the chief executive of state-owned banks throat shoes boxes kept in the house forty-five million dollars of notes were seized . Arrested nurhan Gill akysr this time in the western city of shoes when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan waved an empty container the rally was addressed. Nurhan Gul speaks during the women’s shoes to hoist the container was arrested. Turkish daily Hurriyet nurhan Gul said in his statement that the rally took the container and an empty shoe box for a few minutes. Waved for police and security guards knocked on my house and discovered how the shoe was waved container. Then brought the woman’s arrest and subsequent trial of the case until after the investigation leaving been. Turkish opposition Republican people’s party leader Kemal qlyc Davutoglu is called the nurhan Gill and assured them of his support. , he said every Indian citizen has the right to protest. Clear that bribery andWhat is being demanded.


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