America’s top selling arms and India first largest arms buyer

During the last 4 years (2012-16), 57 countries worldwide sold weapons to 155 countries

During the last 4 years (2012-16), 57 countries worldwide sold weapons to 155 countries

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Weekly October 31, October is celebrated weekly weapons, but despite all efforts, neither could the production of weapons be stopped. Nor could any measures be taken to prevent its sale. During the last 4 years (2012-16), 57 countries worldwide sold weapons to 155 countries. The United States is the top ranked and the top selling countries, while on the other hand, India is ranked first at its list of buyers. War Development Reporting Cell regarding week-finishing weapons has received data from various sources. According to this, 75% of arms were sold only 5 countries in America, Russia, China, France and Germany. Germany, where 35% of the United States remained, while 23% Russia, 6.2 percent China, 6% France and 5.2% were Germany. According to the figures of the Swedish Institute, India is the leading country in 155 countries of buyer’s arms. While Saudi Arabia was second, United Arab Emirates, China, fourth and Algeria on September 5, while Pakistan remained ranked 9th in the list of purchases. It is noteworthy that India has 68 percent of arms from Russia in 14 percent America and 7.2 percent were bought from Israel Saudi Arabia bought 52% of weapons from USA, 27% of Britain and 4.2 percent of Spain. Pakistan bought 68 percent of arms from China, 16 percent US and 3.8 percent of Italy. Bangladesh, which is ranked 18th in the purchase of 33% of arms, from China, 13% of America and 5.2% from the UK. According to experts, global defenses are increasingly rising globally and defense costs of the world exceed a $ 686 billion the largest part of which is US $ 611 billion, while China’s second with $ 215.7 billion, Russia’s third with $ 69.2 billion, is Saudi Arabia with $ 55.7 billion and 55.9 billion dollars in fifth. While Pakistan is ranked 23th in the global defense spending list with 9 billion dollars. France is sixth, Britain 7th, Japan 8th, Germany 9th and South Korea in the list. The US is also the world’s leading country with nuclear weapons. This can be gaugged by the fact that 7 of the world’s 10 armsmithers are from the US. While one is from Britain, One Italy and one EU.


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