All types of weapons will be made for defense: Iranian President

ranian President Hassan Rouhani

ranian President Hassan Rouhani

Tehran … News Time

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that his country will continue preparing missiles despite global pressures. He said Iran’s missile program does not fall into a violation of nuclear deal with global powers. President Rouhani said Iran would not hesitate to make any kind of weapons for its defense. Iran’s IAEA chief repeating his position once again said that Iran is fully fulfilling the agreement and no violation has been done on the other hand. He said we could not get any evidence that could be doubted. In a speech broadcasting on the official TV channel, spiritual said Iran has been making missiles, and will continue to maintain, and this case does not violate the international treaty. Addressing the Parliamentary Parliament, President Rohani said Iran is not violating any international deal with weapons, including blatile missiles. He warned the US that violating the joint nuclear deal between Iran and 6 world powers would be harmful for its interests.


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