A historic meeting between the US President and the North Korean leader, the meeting was about 45 minutes

US President Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un

US President Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un

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A historic meeting began between American President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Before meeting in a Singapore-based hotel, both world leaders engaged in pleasant ways and made special pods for photographers, after which he went to the room for a regular meeting. The North Korean nuclear program’s agenda agenda is headed by one-day meeting. For the first time, the enemies of each other have been meeting together for 67 years. And the whole world’s eyes have been on the new hope of peace. More than 25,000 journalists are present in Singapore for the coverage of the historic meeting. Before the meeting, South Korean President expressed the good wishes by calling the Trump. Prior to the meeting, Trump said that the meeting will end to US Secretary-General to send South Korea to the results of the meeting.

On the other hand, the US Foreign Minister says it will be clear today that Kim Jong Un is compatible with the vision of the American president. Trumpp offers a bright future to North Korea on the nuclear program. He said that nuclear weapons will ensure North Korea’s clearance. North Korea will not take sanctions on nuclear weapons until the end of nuclear weapons.

One-day meeting with US President’s North Korean delegation ended in Singapore, during the meeting, it took place for about 45 minutes, after which negotiations were discussed at the delegation level. The warmth of Kim Jong Un and Trump’s affair became historic, the matter of North Korea’s nuclear-free purification in the One-Day Meeting is a matter of concern. The US and North Korea heads were discussed at the level of delegation after discussing North Korea’s issue of nuclear weapons, President Donald Trump told the North Korean President that both countries would solve all the problems by meeting. During meeting at delegation level discussions were discussed by the translators of the US and North Korea.

President Trumum started talking, saying that Chairman is a great honor to meet you. We will get great success together and solve the problem, which could not be resolved yet. After expressing his determination to resolve the issue, President Trumpp once again hand over the head of North Korea. North Korea Kim Jong Un said in a reply that I also believe in these matters, there will be challenges but we will continue to work with President Trump.

Kim Jong Un further says that we rejected all the concerns and speculations for this meeting, I’m sure this meeting will be very useful for peace. President Trumpp said that we will resolve this problem and succeed, in future; I hope to continue working with you on these matters. For the first time 67 years, enemies of each other, who threatened to destroy nuclear weapons, sat together for the first time together, the whole world’s thoughts took place on the new hope of peace. Before meeting a one-day visit, Trump said that relations with North Korea would be the best; the result of the conversation will be a great success. Kim Jong Un said that the journey to reach here was not easy, Past prejudices, reservations and behavior created difficulties, but both the countries crossed all the obstacles to meet. He also said that some chains were banging us, eyes and ears were closed, North Korean and the United States crossed all obstacles to this historic meeting and came here. Earlier, Kim Jong Un arrived at the hotel with his delegation for this historic meeting in Singapore. After some moments, the caravan of President Donald Trump also reached the hotel. The US and North Korea heads were serious in the beginning of the meeting, but there was a smile on the faces.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in reference to the meeting that the nuclear weapons would ensure North Korea’s clearance. He further added that on termination of the nuclear program, Trump has offered North Korea a bright future, Today, it will be clear that Kim Jong Un is compatible with the vision of the American president or not, will not take sanctions on North Korea till the end of nuclear weapons validation. The people who threatened each other eventually came to the negotiation table, Meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korea Chief Kim Jong Un, this month was preparing for the meeting.

US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s meeting was held at Capella Hotel, located in Sentosa, Singapore. Singapore’s choice for its historic meeting was due to its impartiality, which has good relations with both the countries, is also the Embassy of Korea in Singapore. North Korea announces no nuclear experiments before meeting Singapore, the passion also released three Americans imprisoned in their country for good news; North Korea had also destroyed its nuclear installations last week by foreign experts and journalists. On April 27, Kim Jong Un had a historic meeting with the President of South Korea Moon Jae-in, For the first time in 65 years, a North Korean head stepped on South Korea’s soil. Talking between the two leaders was discussed in the region with the region to clear the nuclear weapons; the conflict-making agreement in the island of Korea was transformed into a peace deal.


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