$ 60 million worth of oil stolen daily in Libya

$ 60 million worth of oil is stolen daily from Libya

$ 60 million worth of oil is stolen daily from Libya

Brussels … News time

$ 60 million worth of oil is being stolen daily from Libya, and unrest is fueling the country’s economy. This can be gauged from the data provided by European Foreign Affairs Chief Josep Borrell. Libya sells $ 60m worth of oil daily, according to data provided by a leading European foreign affairs press conference but the important thing is that even the Libyan state is not getting a penny of this oil. Joseph Borrell also informed that the European Union has jointly provided $ 600 million to Libya. However, the oil that is being sold by various armed groups there is only 10 days worth of this support. It is estimated that the unrest created or created may cause countries to break into their knees. In addition, this process can deprive them of all the capital that comes out of their land, but it does not come into their treasury. Apart from this, another question has to be answered who is the buyer of all this oil, aren’t those buying oil the strength of those who really want Libya’s breakup?


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