21 day curfew continues in occupied Kashmir, shortage of food items      

In parts of Srinagar, security forces clashed between the protests and the curfew removable again today

In parts of Srinagar, security forces clashed between the protests and the curfew removable again today

SRINAGAR … News Time

 21th consecutive day in Kashmir did not reduce the intensity of protests and violent clashes 20 people were injured in different parts of the valley by a palette. The day has been reducing the intensity of the protests, the daily series of protests growing louder. The administration announced the lifting of curfew in Srinagar again; However, I continue to be implemented in South Kashmir district of Anantnag. In parts of Srinagar, security forces clashed between the protests and the curfew removable again today. The whole valley is full strike paralyzed life. Suspended all activities and the scope of the protests is becoming more widespread. Srinagar has been issued has ceased to be a series of protests in the city between security forces and youth during which a dozen were injured in violent clashes. Downtown was recovered Thursday morning a protest procession Gojwara. During which the great slogans in favor of Islam and freedom, however, did not offer any untoward incident during this period. After noon prayers in the main mosque compound, a large number of people protested on civilian casualties. People from various parts of the city gathered in the premises of the central mosque in Srinagar Nohita, After several hours of protest where demonstrators turned out in a procession. In the meantime found a procession from Rajouri Kadal. It was found near the procession when Khanyar he advanced towards Lal Chowk. Participants in the procession were carrying green crescent flag in their hands. The procession came near the ancient Berber Shah, a heavy contingent of police and security forces did not allow him to go his way forward. Participants were included in the procession towards Lal Chowk. Forces foiled the attempt, while government forces caused panic in the extreme Tier participants in the procession, causing the gas to quench shillings. The young uproar on the occasion of kilns firing on the troops. This series of violent clashes lasted several hours in the vicinity of Baba and dembo. Forces fired shells Tear gas to disperse demonstrators on the occasion and the palette gun in which several people were injured but 15-year-old Danish eye palette in which the president was taken to the hospital of Srinagar. Forces and got to see a lot of tension here because of clashes between youth. In particular Kathi Darwaza, Sa’adah Kadal, Gurdwara Chowk, Rainawari, Jogi Lankar, Naidyar, Zind Shah Masjid and in the neighborhood around groups of youth on Thursday morning curfew and remove barriers emerged on the streets, where they protested the civilian casualties. The protesters tried to protest the obstacles Merrick Shah Road, Police and security forces took action while the Tier gas shillings to remove the protesters, with which violence broke out here.


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