1600 refugees evacuated from 2 camps in Paris

Police officers evacuate illegal tents and move migrants

Police officers evacuate illegal tents and move migrants

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French police forcibly evacuated 1,600 migrants by deporting 2 camps of immigrants. One was located in the outskirts of Paris and the other in the capital. The day before the action, the government announced that immigrant policies would be further tightened. In a camp set up in Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, immigrants was living in troubling conditions in tents. At the time of the action by the French police, there were dozens of buses, which carried the refugees to major sports halls.

Until no arrangements are made for them, these halls will provide emergency accommodation for them, media say. Paris deputy mayor Dominique Versini said hundreds of illegal camps were hid before the operation. About 20% of the camp’s residents were immigrants whose asylum applications have been approved in France, but despite the refugees’ recognition, there were no flats available for them to stay. It should be noted that this is not the first time in France that the police have forcibly evacuated an illegal camp for refugees and immigrants. The series began in 2015 and as a whole was the 59th police action to end illegal camps. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced on Wednesday that all illegal immigrant camps established by the country will be abolished by the end of next month, the government, however, resumed operations the next day without waiting for the delay.


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