To create awareness among the people No better sector than the film, Actress and Model Mehwish Hayat

Pakistani actress and model Mehwish Hayat

Pakistani actress and model Mehwish Hayat

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Pakistani actress and model Mehwish Hayat said that while working in various fields of showbiz is always in the process of learning but I learned a lot while working in film and particularly versatile Bollywood actor Om Puri made a guide. He is a seasoned actor and best man. Such artists are born in centuries. While expressing his views said that the medium of film close to the main public in showbiz is treated the same and in fact is.Entertainment good number of film audience are watching the good and quality movies, Where they are forced to think much while sitting in a movie theater during the 2 to 3 hours. They even see their solutions as well as to show the evils of society. If you are seen to be raising awareness in all areas of the arts, from film in this medium no. Actor in Law, he said, is the best film of my career; I’m Fahad Mustafa as the lead actor but Om Puri as well as acting legend explained to me about the way the truth and taught the art of color to your character, you can never forget. We are the best guide in the film and give fans a good movie Eid. The acting, singing since I stepped in the field of modeling and host a question Reply Hayat said. Getting good response singing sector. Social media people around the world have liked my voice, but many people have also said that I should make music his career permanently. It’s not something I thought about. The decision will be time to come.


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